Microsoft MCSA 70-417 Windows Server 2012: 5 Reasons to Earn More

Windows Server 2012 is widely used in many institutions to run both simple and complex tasks related to technology. MCSA 70-417 Windows Server 2012 is a certification that focuses on the configuration and management of Windows 2012 Server in a network setup. The candidate will acquire the skills to install a Windows Operating System, create a Windows domain, and set up basic networking services. It is also a perfect way to lay the foundation for more advanced certifications like MCSE.


MCSA 70-417 Windows Server 2012is a certification that benefits the individuals who would like to work in organizations which use Windows Servers. The topics covered in the respective exams are designed to equip the learners with network administration skills. Besides, the ideal candidates are expected to have the fundamental knowledge of Windows OS and IP networking. However, the certification can only be achieved if one has passed three required exams:

  1. 70-410 – Installing and Configuring of Windows Server 2012

The first exam is set to test the skills necessary for the implementation of Windows Server 2012 infrastructure in an enterprise environment.

  1. 70-411 – Administering Windows Server 2012

The second exam focuses on the ultimate administration of Windows Server 2012 infrastructure. The learner will be equipped with the skills and techniques needed to deploy networking services such as group policy management, network access, and data security.

  1. 70-412 – Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012

This is the final exam that a candidate will need to pass in order to receive MCSA 70-417 certification. This test will ensure that the learner is proficient in deploying, managing, and maintaining the Windows Server 2012infrastructure.

MCSA 70-417 Windows Server 2012 is very beneficial to the professionals who work in a business enterprise. The skills acquired are applicable in the real-life tasks because the practical knowledge is ideal in meeting the business goals of any organization.

As a result, any candidate who is preparing to be a specialist on Windows Server 2012 should be ready to face the toughness that the current technology exposes to the IT professionals. However, there are many reasons why Microsoft 70-417 Exam Dumps certification should be taken without demur. Here we listed the top reasons that you should know if your purpose to get certified is here with you.

  1. Employment

Many people believe that they are very skilled, but their states do not provide employment for them. Let’s reason together. Every year there are thousands of professionals being employed but there are also several thousands of individuals who attend an interview without getting a chance to get a job. The big reason why so many individuals are not getting employed is the lack of the particular skills the hiring managers are looking for. With Windows Server 2012 certification, one will have the abilities that are never ignored by the hiring managers.

  1. Errors are very expensive

Many IT tasks that are carried out in the organizations should always be error free. Suppose an organization has set to serve its customer at a certain time. All of a sudden, the system fails. The loss that will be incurred is always irreversible. It is necessary to get certified so as to avoid causing huge loss to the employers.

  1. Certifications enhance your resume

A relevant credential always attracts the attention of the hiring managers, especially during a tough job interview. The successful IT professionals have sincerely confirmed that IT certifications formed the basis of their success. Windows Server 2012 credential will also serve you good.

  1. Certification fills the gaps in your knowledge

Some professionals have received academic certifications that has generalized many concepts rather than specializing on a certain path. Windows Server 2012 certification will let you identify the gaps that were left during your earlier credentials.

  1. No recertification

Upon certification, the professionals will be able to advance their career by applying the skills acquired in the real world scenarios. However, the best way to broaden your knowledge is pursuing the advanced credential like MCSE. Windows Server 2012 certifications provide a bridge to pursue MCSE or MCSD.

Now when you know the reasons to get MCSA 70-417 Windows Server 2012 certification, it is also good to take some steps for the preparation. I am more than glad to share my experience with you. I managed to get certified after several challenges that came on my way. I believe sharing my experience will ace your performance in MCSA 70-417 Windows Server 2012 certification exam.

  • The first step is to find the official guide for any exam you are intended to take. The guide gives a clear path that you should take while doing your studies. The worst mistake that candidates make is using the training material without considering the curriculum outline highlighted in the Microsoft official study guide.
  • I had heard my friends complaining about the validity of exam dumps. I was worried about where to find the valid materials. To avoid this, it is a good practice to determine validity yourself by comparing the curriculum outline with the questions in the material you are using.
  • The very last thing that I should share with you at the moment is how to take the exam questions. Microsoft tests are never easy; some questions require you to understand the basic concepts. The only way to avoid giving unexpected answers is underlining the keywords in the questions. let’s take a look: if the question requires you to give the most appropriate answer, then you should be careful because all the answers are appropriate, but only the most appropriate one is needed.

Job Opportunities

  • Server Administrator
  • Web Developer
  • Network Engineer

Theaverage annual salaryof the professionals who possess MCSA 70-417 certification is around $72,000.

Time for Action!

It is time to get certified. MCSA 70-417 Windows Server 2012 is a great way to go because it enhances you with the ultimate skills to manage a Server infrastructure of any organization utilizing Windows Server 2012.

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