These Are the Top Skills Gained By Gamers

The debate about whether gaming is good or bad for you has been going on for years. Yet, there are still too many people who or unaware of the main skills that gamers pick up simply by settling down for some action.

The following are a few of the most important things that can be gained by just playing your favourite games.

Better Coordination

Body coordination is described on the Sports Rec site as being the “interactions between your muscular, skeletal and nervous systems”. This is a vital ability to master, as it is something that we need for carrying out all sorts of everyday tasks.

Gaming has been shown to improve coordination in players. For example, Psychology Today featured a 2016 study by Li Li, Rongrong Chen, and Jing Chen that showed the link between gaming and better coordination.

Improved Problem-Solving Skills

Another link that has been clearly established is between gaming and better problem-solving abilities. This an issue that has been looked at by, taking into account the opinions of developer Jane McGonigal. Many of the top games give players regular challenges to overcome, requiring them to use their intelligence.

A different kind of example comes from casino games, where players constantly need to calculate issues such as the odds of winning, varied strategies and how much to stake. The Paddy Power Casino located at has a variety of blackjack, roulette and other games that provide different challenges needing a variety of skills.

More Exercise

Perhaps one of biggest complaints that people tend to have about video games is that they supposedly lead to a sedentary lifestyle. However, there are a number of studies that have pointed out that the opposite can actually be the case. Games that involve movement include Dance Dance Revolution by Konami and the Nintendo Wii range.

It has also been shown that gamers who play sports games are more likely to play real-world sports too. This link was explored and confirmed in a study by researchers at Brock University in Canada. With virtual reality games tipped to go mainstream soon, physical activity while gaming is likely to carry on increasing.

A Better Memory

The idea that playing games helps to improve our memory might seem unrealistic. Yet, this suggestion has been backed up by studies such as those carried out by the University of California that showed a 12% improvement in memory after two weeks of playing Super Mario 3D World, detailed at

What are the best games for improving your memory? There are some titles that have been specially created for this reason. An article from –– lists Lumosity, Dakim and Clevermind as being among the best brain-training games.

There is no doubt that playing games can improve your life. As well as the benefits that we have already looked at, gaming has been shown to improve players’ moods, help encourage social interaction, lower stress levels and improve concentration. Is it any wonder that so many people now rate this as their favourite hobby?

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