Gunman Clive HD Collection Review

Mega Man is great. So this is great. Review over. Overall, 9/10. OK, That was a BIT short… but at least you’ve probably got the idea. Oh, and did I mention that this two-game package is only £3.59 on the EU eshop? It really is a no-brainer.

The original game was released way back in 2013, and was then praised for its art style and solid gameplay. I remember downloading it on my 3DS and absolutely loving that ‘Mega Man’ feel with such simple mechanics and everything feeling so tight and challenging. The story is basic, with the old west needing a hero to bring justice back to the land and rescue the mayor’s daughter. The story then continues in Gunman Clive 2.

Aside from the wonderfully simplistic run, gun and jump gameplay, what I particularly love is the lack of fear across both games to take the player to unexpected environments such as the jungle or even the moon! Oh, and every now and then the gameplay is given a shake up by allowing you to play different levels in different ways. My particular favourite was the ‘Starfox’ level in Gunman Clive 2, where you’re suddenly in a flying contraption, rushing across the ocean, ducking and diving to avoid rocks and shooting enemies as they hurtle towards you- brilliant fun. Oh, and what would this be without boss fights? Don’t worry, they’re here too – each providing the player with a good helping of challenge and equally fuelling that ‘one more try’ feeling. And oh boy, for a wild west shooter, you’d struggle to predict what forms some of Clive’s enemies and bosses come in!

As with other platformers, the player is challenged to progress across each stage from left to right, navigating chasms, falling objects, as well as utilising the environment to reach otherwise out-of-reach areas. The game at times really tests the player by occasionally putting a fiendishly well-placed enemy right by a chasm or obstacle, resulting in a death, near-death or a first time fluke (in my opinion!) But the sheer range of enemies such as classic outlaws firing their pistols at you, to ice climbing thugs and incredibly annoying spiders and ducks(!), this game certainly puts a variety of enemies in your way.

Luckily, as Clive works his way through each level, he may come across the odd helpful item such as a piece of cake for health and an upgraded gun, allowing for more damage. However, be careful- as taking damage results in an instant loss of the upgraded weapon – which is slightly frustrating – but makes the player calm down and re-think how to tackle each level. On that note, if you take too much damage, you restart the entire level. Again, this can become slightly frustrating, but to be fair, each level is a reasonable length. Just take your time and you’ll quickly get to the next checkpoint.

Despite each game being rather short (each taking the average player between and 1 and 2 hours to finish), Gunman Clive HD Collection does offer longevity with multiple difficulty settings, and different playable characters, with one unlockable character too. The game’s music is rather limited, but actually suits the package fine; matching its simplistic, but satisfying style perfectly. Gunman Clive HD Collection really is perfect on Switch. It’s just SO easy and fun to pick up and play and at the asking price, really doesn’t require a second thought. And on that note, I’m done. Feel free to re-read the first sentence if necessary.


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