5 Crucial Tips to Improve Tetris Skills

Tetris has been around for over three decades. The puzzle game created by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984 is still extremely popular. The basics remained the same – the goal remains to clear lines by matching the tiles. However, the playing experience has been taken to the next level over time. Today, players can find competitions in which they can test their skills against other real opponents and win actual money.

Furthermore, Tetris is one of the most popular skill games today. Those who are adept at playing it can dive into real money sessions right away. As for players who never played Tetris before or want to improve their skills, they might consider practicing to get better. Here is some advice to use in getting ready to play for actual cash.

No Room for Empty Spaces

The basics of Tetris are to use the random pieces the game gives you and arrange them in lines. If you manage to make a line filled with tiles, that line will clear, and the score will increase. When considering how to arrange the tiles, always keep in mind there should be no room for empty spaces.

That means you shouldn’t put a piece over an empty tile as it will make things more difficult. First, that requires clearing all the spaces above the line with the empty tile even to have the possibility of clearing it. Additionally, it blocks the possibility to clear multiple lines that include that one, which may affect the total score.

Think Ahead

During a Tetris session, the game will inform players about the next piece they can expect. That can become the vital element of the playing tactic, and it is what makes the difference between winning and losing.

In skill games like this one, it is vital to think in advance. In this case, that means players should consider what the next piece is. If a T-shaped object is coming next, try to use the current piece to create space for it. It will take some quick thinking and even modifying the strategy from one move to the next, which is why experience is important.

Aim to Keep the Field Flat

Is there anyone better to take advice from than a seven-time world champion in playing Tetris? Keeping the playing board as flat as possible is one of the foundational tips offered by Jonas Neubauer, the guy who won world championships on multiple occasions.

Keeping the board flat means that the pieces should be dropped in a way that ensures the top row is as flat as possible. Neubauer explains that is perfect for keeping the options open as a flat board implies more available alternatives.

Some players love creating holes and clearing multiple lines. That may boost the overall score, but the approach can easily become a problem. If the hole made is three or more tiles deep, it means it can only be cleared with an I-shaped object. And if the game doesn’t generate it in the next couple of moves, players could be in a serious problem.

But even the best players out there will end up in a situation where the hole will be three tiles or higher. When gamers can’t avoid creating holes, they should ensure to make them in the middle of the board. The reason is obvious – that allows extra options to deal with the hole and return to a relatively flat field.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Repetition is the mother of skill, and it is also a way to become an expert at Tetris. Players who spend hours perfecting themselves in this game will improve their skills. It takes a bit of time and patience, but it will be worth it.

It is important to find a website that has a demo version of Tetris that allows players to test their skills against the computer. That way of practicing yields multiple benefits. Here is their overview:

  • Get used to how the game works– those who never played Tetris have a chance to get familiar with how everything works.
  • Resembles real-money sessions – when playing for cash, players are also pitted against other gamers and a timer. Practicing is what enables them to know what to expect when the real battle starts.
  • Figure out the best approach – those that are not experienced in playing Tetris will have a chance to discover what tactics best suit them. Everyone’s playing style is different, and the trick is in identifying the strategy that is most suitable to your skillset.

There are various websites and platforms, which are player-oriented. These websites and platforms allows gamers to play against an AI-controlled player in sessions that last 90 seconds. Additionally, the platform is reliable and has quick and dependable servers. In Sitago, which is a new platform, Players can give a chance to the free versions of Tetris and many other games without even registering. It is the real cash sessions that bring the most thrill, and the platform enables multiple playing options that enable gamers to boost their funds by utilizing their skills.

Tackle a Difficult Situation

The gaming board didn’t provide the right pieces, or you accidentally placed an object in the wrong line. Whatever the cause, a difficult playing situation will occur now and then. Some players tend to give up in these situations and leave or restart the game, but that is not the right approach.

Instead, it is vital to keep playing and tackle the problem head-on. The tricky situations are a great opportunity to enhance Tetris skills. They also provide a chance for creative thinking, which can be crucial when playing real money sessions as it can enable a higher score.


Tetris is a skill game that has incredible replay value and a high addictiveness rating. It is easy to spend hours playing this game without getting bored. Those who add the element of real money sessions can take the excitement to the next level, and even earn some cash in the process. The tips offered in this article are great for improving playing skills and getting ready to take on the world and win huge prizes!

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