Sports Betting: How to Boost Your Profitability


Not too long ago, we covered how sports betting will soon be legal in the United States. This is seen as a big development that affects not only sports enthusiasts in the US, but punters around the world. With the US market opening up to more customers, the industry is expecting sustainable growth.

As more people approach the betting market, we can also expect odds to get better. That translates to a boost in profitability for existing bettors. Of course, the growth of the gambling industry isn’t the only way you can be more profitable.

There are things that you can do – strategies that you can implement – to be more profitable when engaging in the betting scene. If you want to boost your profitability to a new level, here are the tips and tricks to use.

Choose the Best Online Betting Sites

Choosing a good bookmaker to engage is an important step to take. The odds you get depend highly on the bookmakers you use. Since there are more betting sites to choose from, finding the right one can be tricky.

However, you can choose from the best online betting sites to make sure you always get the best odds at a site like Casino Papa. Casino Papa has a complete list of top betting sites on the market, complete with details about their offers, their odds, and their features.

Browsing through the list on Casino Papa allows you to immediately find a handful of betting sites to choose from. You no longer have to compare offers manually and can settle for bookmakers that suit you best.

Use Multiple Betting Sites

Sticking with getting the best odds before placing bets, you also have the option to use the services of multiple betting sites. Having an account with bookmakers like Betfair and William Hill gives you the ability to compare odds before placing every bet.

There are online tools designed to compare odds from multiple betting sites too, so the whole process of finding the best deal before each bet is a lot more manageable. You can even compare odds in real-time as you watch your favourite sporting events.

What you want to avoid is creating multiple accounts with the same bookmaker, especially if your goal is to claim the bonus offers multiple times. The practice is against most bookmakers’ terms and conditions; you risk having all of your accounts banned and your winnings withdrawn.

Use Statistics to Your Advantage…

Statistics are invaluable if you want to approach sports betting more seriously. By looking into historic data and past performances of athletes or sports teams you are betting on, you have more insights to use. You can determine if the athlete or team will be successful in an upcoming match.

Once again, the internet is your friend when it comes to finding historic data and relevant insights. There are plenty of sites that specialize in sports statistics and data, with Sports Reference being one of the best in the market today.

Statistics are also great for determining if a bet is worth making, particularly when compared to the odds you are getting for the bet. You can make wiser betting decisions, boost profitability, and minimize potential losses this way.

…But Don’t Forget the More Current Factors

Looking into statistical data helps you get a better understanding of how the team performed in the past. The insights are valuable, but they are not the only factor to consider before placing bets; far from it. You also need to take into account the more recent factors, especially the athlete’s or team’s performance in the last match.

Injuries, bad losing streaks, and other elements also have big impacts on winning odds. Look into recent news and stay up to date with the teams or athletes you are betting on to be more accurate and more profitable in the long run.

One last factor to consider at this point is the betting market. In most cases, you want to bet against the public. Not only will you get better odds when you do, you also have higher chances of staying profitable in the long run.

Cover Both Sides

One of the most common mistakes punters make is analysing only one half of the equation, when in fact there are other parts to consider. In a football match, for instance, you have to think about both teams and understand their odds perfectly. Only then can you make wise betting decisions.

You simply need to repeat the previous steps and get to know the opposing team better. As you learn more about the opposing team, you will have a better understanding of the odds for the event, giving you a clearer view of how to best place your bets.

Here’s another secret to successful sports betting: don’t have favourites. Rather than betting consistently on your favourite athletes or teams, you need to bet more on the stronger contenders to produce consistently profitable results.

Watch the Odds

Timing your bet also affects how much you can earn in winnings. This is due to the simple fact that bookmakers adjust their odds regularly as we get closer to the actual event. Changes to the team, new injuries, and other factors affect the odds too. Even weather conditions can impact the odds you get.

Before placing your bets, watch the odds carefully. Ideally, you want to bet on favourites early and bet on underdogs late. You see how this goes, don’t you? Underdogs get their best odds closer to the sporting event, while odds for favourites tend to go down to the lowest point right before the event.

Some punters even bet live during the event. When betting on football matches, you can actually place bets until right before the second half. Betting live lets you make adjustments to your position in order to secure more profit.

With these tips and strategies in mind, maximising your betting profits is easy. Paired with betting tools and features offered by the best online betting sites, it will not be long before you start banking more winnings and making a substantial amount from sports betting alone.

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