Beginners Guide to Online Slot Games

Online slot games are the simplest and most popular online casino games. You really do not need any specific skill. You simply push a button and wait for the reels to stop spinning. However, because it is so simple and requires no skill people tend to overspend and lose a lot of cash quickly (because let’s face it, all those coins add up). Follow this link now to ensure that you don’t fall into that trap.

Slots are unpredictable

The most important point to consider when playing online slot machines, are that they require no skill. All online slot machines are completely unpredictable. The symbols that come up and the order in which they do are determined by Random number generators (RNGs). You can thus never predict the outcome. No matter how regular you play or how many coins you use, it will not influence the outcome. The only way in which you can influence the outcome is when you bet the maximum, which leads to a bigger payout if you win.

Play for free first

Before spending any real money on a new slot, get to know it first by enjoying a free demo or using online bonus offers. Get to know all the symbols, what they do, the bonus features and how the machine pays out.

Some symbols have special features, including free spins, wild, scatter and bonus symbols. Wild symbols complete a winning combination, as they become any other symbol on the reel that forms part of the winning combination. It is thus important to get to know the rules of the game first, which is best done when playing for free.

Choose your machine wisely

Before spending your money at any specific slot machine, make sure that it is the right one for you. This can once again be done by playing for free before committing your own money.

The most important question you can ask yourself to determine if this is the slot machine for you is whether or not it fits your budget. Then you can move on to the look and feel of the machine, whether or not it excites you, the number of reels, are there bonus rounds that can increase your winnings, and their payouts.

Once you have narrowed down your options (e.g. 5-reel slots, adventure themed with bonus rounds) you can continue on to the next step before making your final decision.

Play where you have the biggest chance to win

When playing any online gambling game, the main goal is to win money. So it only makes sense to play where your chances of winning are best. For example, slot machines with more reels, means more winning combinations and more chances to win.

Also look at how often specific online slot machine pay out. You would probably have a bigger chance of winning at a slot that pays out 95% of the time than one who only pays out 10%.

Also remember that the bigger the jackpot, the slimmer the chances are of winning. So rather play at a machine with a smaller jackpot, but where you have a bigger chance of actually winning.

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