How does eSports integrate into the education system?

ESports nowadays is in the process of it’s rapid development and for young people it’s not just a common hobby. E-sports disciplines can easily be related to the professional sports in which you can make a successful career and earn good money. Additionally, there are more and more rumors that some e-sports disciplines may be even included into the program of the Olympic Games. Nowadays there are a lot of various tournaments with large prize pools and wide audience.

All these factors could not pass by the attention of governmental and educational institutions that are interested to raise its image in e-sports arenas. As a result, there is a gradual introduction of training in e-sports disciplines, both in specialized institutions and in ordinary schools and universities, where future players, coaches and managers can raise their skills to an absolutely new level.

Who has already started to teach e-sports?

For now, there is a small number of countries that teach e-sports as a separate profession. In most cases improvement of skills happens in the professional teams that find talented players and train them to replace the main team.

For example, nowadays these are such countries:

  • Holland (;
  • Germany (;
  • Poland (;
  • United States (;
  • Finland (

The most difficult aspect of teaching this profession is a split in society about the pros and cons of video games, but despite this, many educational institutions are moving in the modern direction and take into consideration the interest and popularity of this profession and include e-sports into the program.

In 2016, eSports was presented as a separate school subject in the Garnes Vidaregåande Skole (Bergen) school in Norway. This case is not unique in the territory of Scandinavia, because in 2015 another Swedish school notified the public that e-sports would also be included in the school schedule. Along with the usual sports sections, the school’s authority decided to organize special e-sports classes, and this would correspond to the interests of modern youth, as well as it will easily fit into the modern education policy.

In Great Britain since 2018 it became possible to get a degree (bachelor) in e-sports. In this training course are included all areas of e-sports and students have the opportunity to build a career not only as a professional player, but also as a coach, developer and manager. In the university would be organized special teams that will participate in various competitions. Additionally, students of the eSports faculty would have a freat chance to receive a considerable scholarship.

Of course, such educational trends also couldn’t pass by Russia. In August 2019, the Ministry of Education has got the request from the Internet Development Institute (IRI) to include e-sports in selective classes for students in adolescent schools. In the end of August, the Ministry of Education has approved this proposal, and officially allowed schools to include e-sports in elective classes (however, there is a small one, but … the Ministry allowed, but did not oblige, to conduct these classes, so everything will depend on school directors and various ministers in places). According to IRI it’s necessary to include the following e-sports disciplines:

  • Dota 2;
  • CodinGame;
  • FIFA 19;
  • Hearthstone;
  • Minecraft
  • World of Tanks.

These are the most popular games, and they help to develop such aspects as: reaction, logic, ingenuity and, among other things, help teenagers to work in a team.

Nowadays in Ukraine are actively working several eSports federations, but in spite of this fact, eSports has not yet received official recognition. However, this autumn, the National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine started to train students in the field of e-sports. The most interesting thing is that in the future it will also be possible to complete graduate school, as well as become a candidate of science in this field.


Esports is a rapidly developing sphere and it’s expected that soon it will become a standard school subject, same as others and this is influenced by the following factors:

  • Big prize pools in different tournaments, that become bigger every year;
  • Improvement of working conditions of e-sportsmen and managers by employers (organizations), such as: increase of salaries and various bonuses, social and medical support, official employment, sponsorship contracts, etc.;
  • The growth of eSports teams and various units, as well as an increase in demand for talented players and support staff.

ESports is a new type of education and at the moment there are no standards that guarantee the success of training. That’s why this time is perfect to creating your own unique standard, which in the future will guarantee a leading position in the discipline for pupils, and will also allow you to earn food money and get various awards on the international level, both to the educational institution and to the country in common.

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