Syrup And The Ultimate Sweet Is Now Available For Xbox One

Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet

Ratalaika Games S.L.



In a magical town there lives a candy alchemist, Syrup, who one day discovers a candy golem in her basement. Where did she come from? Who could’ve made her? Go find out!Featuring a memorable cast of colorful characters and 10 unique endings. Your choices affect the story! Will Syrup achieve her dream of making the Ultimate Sweet, or will she meet a much more tragic fate…?

* Adorable hand-drawn art style with a story that will make you laugh and cry
* A variety of cute, heartwarming characters to befriend
* 10 differentendings to collect
* In-game gallery loaded with concept art and extras

Product Info:
Developer: NomnomNami
Publisher: Ratalaika Games

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