Wake Up! OSRS Guide to Beating the Nightmare of Ashihama

It’s not easy to face your own nightmares—much less fight them head on. In Old School RuneScape, however, this can get a little too literal. Of course, such a feat is no walk in the park, but it’s definitely not impossible. To conquer OSRS’ new content, check out our guide as well as how you can earn OSRS gold so you can be the hero that will prevail against this utterly terrifying creature.

A History of Bad Dreams

Before you fight OSRS’ new abomination, here’s a quick lore background. In Ashihama, a heavily fortified island in The Pincers, a region of the Wushanko Isles, there are sirens that dream of The Nightmare. This creature’s origins are mostly unknown. However, according to the sirens, it was brought to the island by the shamans.

The Nightmare of Ashihama  fed on people’s dreams and haunted them relentlessly, but the siren Shura took a stand. Leading a group, she cast out the Nightmare from the island. Unfortunately, the evil being happened to land in Slepe, a town in Morytania. True to its name, the town’s citizens were afflicted with the sleeper plague–fortunately for The Nightmare OSRS, and very much unfortunately for the townsfolk and Shura. It is then up to you, the adventurer, to stop this eldritch being from getting even stronger.

Five to Eighty on One

Gameplay-wise, the Nightmare is a group of new OSRS boss that can be found in the exact same town described in his lore. By group, we mean a group that can reach as much as 80 people. It’s alright to enter and not have anyone else with you, as there will be other players though. And don’t be too scared about not hitting the maximum number of players possible, as the Nightmare’s HP will scale accordingly with how many players there are. Do note, however, that the scaling can only go as low as 5. However, if you are strong or confident enough (hopefully both), you can still take on the Nightmare anyway. Good luck with that!

To officially start the fight, find Shura in the crypt of the Sisterhood Sanctuary in Slepe. After that, you’ll be proceeding to the arena of OSRS Nightmate Zone, where you have to go near The Nightmare’s unconscious body and click on Disturb. After doing so, you have 30 seconds to join the instance. After the timer, you will not be able to get in. Lastly, for Ironman Mode players, keep in mind that this is not a safe fight. Should you get killed by the Nightmare, you will lose your hardcore status!

Dealing with the Nightmare

The Nightmare has a wide variety of basic attacks, which are as follows:

  • Magic Attack – the Nightmare spins around and throws red dots
  • Ranged Attacks – the Nightmare contorts her body makes clicking noises
  • Melee Attacks – a close-range attack that deals much damage

For the Melee Attack, have the Protect from Melee prayer to reduce its damage to only 20%. If you have the wrong Prayer, it will be up to a whopping 120%!

Meanwhile,her more specific attacks are as such:

  • The Nightmare summons hands from portals, dealing damage
  • Parasite Attack – a parasite enters your body and will deal huge damage upon hatching (This can be remedied by Relicym’s Balm)
  • Curse Attack – a Phase 2 attack that swaps your Prayers (If affected, Ranged damage will be prevented by Protect from Magic, Melee with Protect from Ranged, and Magic by Protect from Melee)
  • Spores Attack – a Phase 3 attack that will send out spores in the room (Anyone that touches it will be damaged)
  • Charge Attack – the Nightmare charges, dealing much damage (You can hide behind the totem poles)

As you can see, she can be quite a formidable foe, so it’s important to take note of her attacks and make sure you don’t get killed by them.

Getting What You Deserve

From the moves we’ve broken down, Nightmare has three phases. First is where she does the normal attacks and has a shield, which you have to take down to get to Phase 2. For Phase 2 and up to 3, you need to destroy the pillars and the sleepwalkers.

Once you’ve taken down The Nightmare, aside from OSRS gold, you’ll be getting hefty rewards if you deal a certain amount of damage to her. As for the MVP, he or she will get a unique reward. Lastly, everyone that dealt significant contribution will get the pet, jar, and scroll drops.

The good chance drops are The Inquisitor’s Armor and Mace, as well as the Nightmare Staff, which you can put orbs (Harmonious, Eldritch, and Volatile) on to give it a specific bonus.

So that’s pretty much all you need to know to end The Nightmare. Now, what are you waiting for? Go to Slepe and make that dream of taking down that raid boss a reality!

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