What about the new PS5? Briefly about the main changes.

Where to find your new PS5?

The release of the next «brainchild» by Sony promises to be one of the most high-profile events of 2020. But you can win PS5 on the new casino not on gamstop with a huge amount of slots and board games. We already get a lot of messages from gamers who already wins presents like: early versions of PS5, Xbox, Apple gadgets and many more.
According to the developer, the PS5 game console will surprise gamers not only with its futuristic design but above all with progressive characteristics and incredible performance. Finally, gamers will be able to forget about sadness and enjoy truly high-quality gaming content.

The main difference between PS5 and PS4: what is the advantage of the new console?

According to experts, one of the weakest links of the PS4 is the central processing unit based on the Jaguar architecture (1.6 GHz). In this respect, the new version of the console is many times superior to the old one. Despite the same number of cores (there are 8 in both versions), in the PS5 they run at up to 3.5 GHz, which provides “multithreading” and higher performance.

Release date info and specifications

According to the information posted on the official website of the manufacturer, residents of Japan, USA, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and South Korea will be the first to assess the capabilities of the new console. The novelty will appear in off-line stores on November 12, 2020. In European countries, PS5 sales are scheduled for November 19, 2020.

At the presentation, held on June 11, 2020, the «stuffing» of the console was announced. Project Lead Engineer and System Architect Mark Cerny announced that the new PS5 will be the world’s most powerful game console. And these are far from empty words. As part of the event, the unique technical characteristics of the product were announced.

The «heart» of the novelty will be an 8-core AMD Zen 2 (3.5 GHz) chip with 16 threads and Custom RDNA 2 graphics architecture. The manufacturer did not «save» on RAM either, expanding it to 16 GB GDDR6. The internal storage capacity of the SSD (NVMe format) will increase to 9 GB. The memory bandwidth will be 448 GB / s. An innovative 4K UHD Blu-ray Drive will be used as an optical drive.

Accessories, Design and Graphics

  • One of the main features of the console will be a 3D sound module and the implementation of VR2 technology, which supports both the current and updated model of the virtual reality helmet. The new device will be equipped with a gyroscope and a highly sensitive eye movement sensor. The display resolution will be 2560x1440p, the frequency is 120 Hz, and the maximum viewing range is 120 degrees.
  • The updates will also affect the gameplay control system. DualSense gamepads will receive support for USB Type-C technology, improved speakers, microphone pad and shooting triggers equipped with a new type of vibration response.
  • Special attention should be paid to the AMD RDNA 2 video card, which uses 36 computing sectors with an operating frequency of 2.23 GHz. At maximum load, the block performance will be 10.28 TB. PS5 developers declare that all popular games of recent years will be fully compatible with this technology. The only «strange» solution implemented in the new product is a GPU that emulates the PS4 and PS4 PRO graphics chip, integrated into the product of the main competitor Play Station – the Xbox Series X set-top box from Microsoft.
  • The main difference between the new version of the console and the previous model is the creative design solution. The central element of the PS5 is a glossy black insert framed with white plates on both sides. At the presentation, the console was shown in a vertical position, however, it is possible that in user mode it can be placed horizontally.

Summary about upcoming PS5

Given the above arguments, we can safely say that the new PS5 game console is, without exaggeration, the loudest release of 2020 from Sony. By purchasing this product, the user gets the best technological solution that will be relevant and in demand for a long period.

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