PS5 Exclusive Games 


With the PlayStation 5 due to be released within the next month or so depending on location, this is a seriously exciting time for fans of the PlayStation as it is the latest release of a gaming console that us gamers have had for seven years so this is big news! With players like ourselves staying loyal to the PlayStation throughout the years, we wanted to investigate which games we are looking forward to most out of the games that are exclusive to the PS5. 

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Of course, it wouldn’t be a PlayStation release without a new episode in the Gran Turismo series; Gran Turismo 7. This series has been an ever-present game in the era of the PlayStation and it certainly looks as if it is to stay with the news of GT7. Although there hasn’t been much released in terms of details about the game, we have seen some gameplay footage of being behind the wheel and wow do the graphics and driving abilities look next level. 

Another game that wouldn’t be right if it wasn’t released with the news of a new console is Marvel’s Spiderman Series. Although there has been speculation whether this game is following on from Insomniac’s critically acclaimed Spider-Man, it is now confirmed that it is a standalone title and more of a spin-off instead of a sequel which makes it even more exciting. Although again now much detail has been revealed in terms of specifics, Spiderman Miles Morales will promise to give you the greatest graphics in terms of a Spiderman game, a realistic viewpoint of the city that never sleeps and an enhanced combat motion throughout. 

And finally, one that rolls back the years to our childhood is of Racket and Clank which has certainly changed since it’s first released in 2002. This latest release which is being exclusively remastered for PlayStation 5 looks like a Disney film that has come to life with its colourful gameplay, exciting platform shooting element, and available to play at any age due to the sheer fun it delivers. Sequels were there to better the original, however, this series has just got better with age – like a fine wine!

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