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Sneaky Sneaky is a Indie, Strategy, RPG, Casual Adventure game brought to you by Naiad Entertainment. The game’s intro sees the main character which is a stealthy thief/rogue (who looks like a slightly better dressed Jawa from Star Wars) running away from his recently accomplished gem fuelled heist. Sadly though with his big bag of overflowing gems on his back he is ambushed and alas loses all his ill-gotten gains and is promptly imprisoned.

The main menu is simple and limited to just New Game, Options (that hold screen resolution and audio settings) and lastly Exit. Pressing on New Game and enter the scene which sees Sneaky the main character is now trapped in a locked dungeon. Of course you manage to escape your graphic restraint as otherwise it would lead to an exceedingly dull game. So thankfully there is a hidden key to open the door and a note from Squeaky, a mouse and your counterpart who owns the in-game store (and has clearly learnt how to use stationary and run a successful business, but I guess that’s beside the point).

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The game is set out in square tiles and you have unlimited turns as you sneak around, hiding in cover or hay bales, smashing barrels and picking up gold/rubies (three per level) stabbing your foes in the back instantly killing them until they get slightly harder. The unlimited turns run out when your spotted and initiate combat, then your sneak bonus is removed and it turns into a tough fight/battle, so avoiding this is a pretty big part of the game.

Luckily you are given a variety of skills and items to overcome this. First of all there is a bow to strike at your enemy’s from afar but given three arrows limits you at first, second is an axe that allows you to cut down trees to replenish your arrows. Then you have a health potion for the obvious and a hunk of meat that acts as a lure.

As the game progresses it gradually gets tougher. Your enemies get more populated and harder to slay but thankfully there is a levelling system that allows you increase the stats of your Health, Dagger, Bow and Movement. Running along side this is the mouse ran shop that allows you to buy health potions, lures, mana and upgrade quiver to carry more arrows or a bigger bag to allow you to cram more into your backpack/inventory. The initial impwood forest area acts as the tutorial and learning curve but you’ll soon be sneaking your way through castles, deserts filled with traps and slowing sands. Some areas seem blocked off with stone so i guess there will be some back tracking armed with a pickaxe at some point.

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The graphics are not amazing but are bright, colourful and kind of chunky looking. The controls and game are simple and easy to use and very simple to master. I started this game not really knowing what to expect but to be honest despite low expectations i enjoyed it a lot more than i though and finding out it was only £4 (a bit less in a recent sale) well, it just makes it fantastic value for money.

Also for £7 you can buy the Special Edition which comes with the soundtrack and a copy you can send to a friend. The soundtrack can be purchased separately but in my opinion i’m unsure why you’d want to spend money on that. The only negatives is it doesn’t really have a massive longevity and was probably developed/designed for mobile or tablet gaming but it’s been ported across to PC quite well. I’d give this game 7/10, it’s a cheap, easy to play, fun puzzle game that people of all ages can play and enjoy.

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