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Shattered Planet is a Indie game that fits into many exciting genres, it’s an RPG, Strategy, Rogue-Like Exploration game developed by Kitfox Games that was given the go ahead via Steams Green Light project and helped along by Execution Labs.

The main menu is set out with a basic feel with the backdrop of a exploding or as the games namesake suggests a shattered planet. The options and settings here are limited to audio and screen resolution as this game is also clearly made for mobile/tablet gaming.

It is set in the much distant future and you play the role of a clone, that will die a lot and for an entire magnitude of reasons. You can pick your gender, class, name and a few customisations with some things to unlock as you progress through the game.

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You are placed in a ship/space station that acts out the role of headquarters, from here you have a storage area that houses the weapons, armour and accessories you can use on your adventure. There are clone tanks that have the options to change your character, a training area to level up your stats, a massive grey looking star-gate that is used to synthesise equipment and a teleportation device used to get into the world. All while a mysterious, green bat like alien taps away on a holographic computer. As you progress there are a few things to add to your ship, pet clone tanks to rejuvenate your faithful companion (mine was a cyclops crab) and a robotic machine that gives you deals on items that you can purchase with crystals.

Clicking on the teleportation pad brings you to the game menu where you can choose a few game modes to partake in. There’s a Daily Challenge that will give you a one off daily chance to compete with players or friends, rewarding you with items, levelling up points or in game currency. Explore mode is the common go to area and the one i mainly went to, it give you the best blend of enemy’s, exploration and brings your death rate down a little bit. The Data-log, The Signal and Old Blood are the games harder modes, giving descriptions as Very Hard and Crazy Hard which as a low level character i can personally tell you there not lying.

The game starts with you being placed on a randomly generated grid based world, and from here you can left click your way around stumbling into glistening gold triangles which serve as scrap metal to be spent on training and levelling up your character. Green crystals that can be spent on items (generated by the star-gate looking object back on the ship). Then there is the enemy’s, that are vast and come in everything from crabs, killer shooting plants, nests of pretty much anything all set out to kill you.

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The items you pick up also come in a wide selection and consist of such things as swords, axes, bones, helmets and hats. All with bonus stats and unique abilities, the level is full of content set to help or hinder you at every turn. I drank a bottle of non-descript fluid and healed myself, however similar bottle turned me into a pile of ash which was nice.

The main aim is to get to the teleportation device within the level or you jump off the map, yeah that is an option but you will lose 75 health so not really the wisest of moves. Taking weapons, armour and some healing items is a good start but failing that you can just jump in a punch Chuck Norris style into the faces of your alien foes. Something you might at first overlook is the dark patch that appears and grows as you leave the starting area, this spawns The Blight a harder form of enemy designed to remind you not to linger to long.

This game is full of content but sadly doesn’t really fill you with much excitement which is a shame as it’s not a bad game. I enjoyed it at first but felt i was just going through the motions each and every level until you are eventually killed and due to this i give this game 6/10. If it had a story, something to ultimately work towards then i think it would be a contender for a great game but as it stands it just becomes part of a vast sea of similar games or as the game intended, just another clone.

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