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Every great story has a great companion to every main character; sometimes the companion is even more memorable than the character you are rooting for. A Boy and His Blob brings that feeling to the nth degree, sometimes I can’t believe that I’m playing a remake of the original Nintendo Entertainment System game that was first released on the Wii. In some aspects it is a way easier version then the original game, which I like since I don’t have a need to throw things across the room in rage quit mode.

A Boy and His Blob starts off in a tree house with a boy sleeping in his bed, instantly crash could be seen in from the boy. The boy wakes up and puts on his backpack to investigate, when he arrives at the crash site he find a blob and they instantly becomes friends with it. Throughout the game you go on adventures with the blob to many stages and worlds that you have to explore together. At the end of every world is a boss to fight, they can only be beaten by working together with your blob. The goal of the game is to get through the 4 worlds and beat the 5 bosses that are in your way.

The boy on his own cannot fully explore stages but thanks to his blob friend he can. The blob can transform into items that can help him progress through the stage, thanks to the jellybeans the boy is carrying on hand. Each stage you enter you are given your own set of jelly beans; which could be easily access through a menu you can open. In the game you can transform your blob into a ball, a rocket and even a mech suit that the boy can get in; which is one of my favorite things to transform to in the game.

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The jellybeans help you progress through the level; this time around they’re unlimited unlike the original version of the game. There are a lot of jelly beans in the game, it would have been cool if they were on in one menu but at the same time it’s understandable why they aren’t; probably makes the game runs better because of it.

The boy has very limited control options in the game; the most he can do is jump, push rocks, throw jelly beans at a specific place of your choice and call the blob to him when it is far away from him. There is also an option for a blob cam on the directional buttons for when the blob is far away from you. This is helpful for when you’re falling from a high platform and your blob is at the bottom in it’ trampoline transformation; this is something I wish I knew about in the first three worlds. There is also a button for when you want to hug the blob makes everyone go ‘Ahhh’, I will admit it is very cute.

Originally the NES version of the game was 8-bit but the remake has a 2D animation that looks a little better than what it looked on the Wii. Even with today’s standards of visuals this game still looks very good and that’s thanks to its art style.  Looking at the opening of the game, the art style and animation has a very anime style which makes me love the game a bit more.

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The music for the game really fits the game as well, sometimes I just leave the game on while I’m doing some other work and can’t help myself getting into it. If there is one negative thing I have about the game, when you call the blob and the boy yells for him, I find the voice very annoying; its nails on the chalkboard kind of annoying for me. Other than that sound design wise, nothing really sounds wrong with A Boy and His Blob

I’ve personally never played A Boy and His Blob on NES or Wii, so this was my first time playing through the game and on PSVita of all places; it feels right at home on PSVita. Playing through it I had a need to get all the treasure chests and complete the bonus levels in each world; also to get all the trophies too. The game has a certain charm to it that makes it so enjoyable to play, it expands on what the game was on NES but at the same time it is easier to get into the game for people who never played the original game. This is one of my favorite game in recent memory. I had a great time with the game and I highly recommend you get your hands on it and fall in love with the blob like I did.

Rating 8

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