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I am a massive indie game fan and love twin stick shooters, there is something about the intense mass of enemy’s uncontrollably descending on you that I find so enjoyable. The controlling, killing, dodging and picking up power ups and of course collectables keeps me entertained for hours. I’ve been to EGX a few times and although I like to play the latest titles I am usually found in the Rezzed, Indie or Retro areas (when I’m not trying to buy as many pop figures as I can physically carry).

Good Robot is a 2D adventure that, as you make get have guessed, allows you to take control of a robot. Your main task of killing literally hordes of evil robots who are all out to kill you might not be considered good, but of course it actually great fun none the less. At the start of each zone it allows you to wear a comical hat which earns you achievements for how long you can keep it atop your metal head, ranging from Viking helmets, top hats, kitty ears or halo’s to name just a few. It adds a weird yet comical edge to combat as you charge in all guns blazing with a pope hat which gives you no benefits at all apart from looking awesome. The levels are set out like mazes which aren’t to hard to negotiate in the early stages but really intensify later with enormous volumes of deadly foe waiting around each unexplored corner.

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You have primary and secondary weapons to destroy most things in sight, each kill rewards you with cash and sometimes a weapon drop so you can change combat up a bit from slow shooters to shotguns and full auto ion cannons to tear the evil robots to bits. The secondary attack is usually a missile which causes area affect damage to really push back the metallic blight. Special stations are setup along the way to allow you to spend your hard-earned cash on better tech, warranty in the form of an extra life, shield upgrades, better movement speed, increases fire rate and damage to give you the edge you need in combat. Everything goes up in price as you buy each item so choose carefully or you might never make it to the next upgrade station.

The game is truly great, I honestly love it. Every time I’ve played it I try to beat my previous score and get as far as I can, usually it’s a boss battle that ends me. The good thing about these games is they are simple, easy to play and cheap. Good Robot is no exception and excels in the twin stick shooter genre..

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Good Robot is priced at a reasonable £6.99 and could even be cheaper on release and during Steam sales. I’m currently playing through Blue Rider (and desperately trying to complete with twelve hours of game play). I now have a new game to sink hours of gameplay into if I ever complete it.

Good Robot is incredible and I’m going to be playing it well after this review. It easily scores a solid 8/10.

Rating 8

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