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UnEpic is an RPG platform title with some of the most humorous dialogue I have ever heard in a video game, and that is really saying something. I take my hat off to the creator of this title, Francisco Tellez de Meneses, as he has such a great vision for the world of Indie games and has certainly delivered something great with the recent release of UnEpic for the PS4 and Vita. He has also seen great success with this title with the Wii U and PC release back in 2011.

This title is based in the 19th Century, with the main character, Daniel, and his friends who are taking part in a little role play game. This title really does do some justice in relation to a classic adventure game, with minimalistic features, simple combat and basic graphical content. Some people may be steered away from a classic retro style game such as this, however after playing UnEpic, it really is making me want to come back for more.

During his little game with friends, Daniel takes a quick toilet break and is suddenly teleported to a medieval castle, and is quickly faced with a malicious, vindictive shadow who is doing everything in it’s power to end Daniels life, throwing any tricks his way during his daunting journey through the mysterious castle. Despite the evil ghostly being holding a strong vendetta against Daniel, it expresses a great level of personality and humour, which I really appreciate in video games. Especially in terms of character development.

You must light your way through the dark tunnels, sewers, mines, gardens and different rooms of the castle, where you will encounter a number of different enemies, traps and boss fights. Each enemy will supply loot depending on the type of enemy and the place you slay them. During your journey around the castle, you will also find a number of different chests which will each contain a different item to accompany you on your journey. These items can range from weapons, health, armour and wands. You can also buy items from merchants, who you will discover around the castle. As you advance further on into the castle, you can assign points to the different items that Daniel carries around the castle. I found this to be a very valuable feature, especially when being faced with bigger and fiercer boss battles further on into the game.

I have to admit, during my first few minutes with UnEpic I was finding myself becoming more and more frustrated with the size of the game itself, in terms of visual aspects. I found myself squinting from time to time as I found the characters and other features of the game very hard to see at times. Despite the feature of being able to zoom in slightly, I still found this to be a big con in terms of gameplay quality. However, despite this, I cannot deny the addictive nature of this title and this small set back was forgiven, eventually.

UnEpic is a title full of humour, detailed narration, superb voice casting and addictive gameplay. Overall, UnEpic really did keep my attention, which is something I’ve failed to find in relation to indie titles. I wanted to keep on playing which is always a great feeling for any enthusiastic gamer. Despite a few cons in terms in visuals and overall features, it is definitely forgiven and recognition is well deserved for the developer behind UnEpic.

Rating 7

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