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Funk of Titans is an action adventure runner game that’s developed by the team ‘A Crowd of Monsters.’ This is an odd game that certainly doesn’t try and take itself too seriously.

The world is known for its funk music, the music of the gods, but other titans have now started to play their own styles and genres of music. You play as a quirky and upbeat character called Perseus, who is ordered by is father Zeus to restore funk music to the kingdom.

The game wasn’t what I expected in terms of gameplay as I thought you would have more control of the characters, but in fact it’s actually a runner game, but not an endless runner as there is an end to each stage. There are 45 stages to run through which get progressively more challenging as you progress. I also want to start by saying that I really liked the tone and lighthearted approach to the game, with vibrant visuals and playful style.

The game is side-scrolling and sees you jumping, dodging and scaling walls to make your way through stages. The levels are fairly short and can in general be completed pretty quickly and at the end of each stage you reach a jukebox. You can only take two hits from enemies before dying, but overall the gameplay is pretty easy and doesn’t ever get too difficult. You make your way from stage to stage via a 3D map, much like in Crash Bandicoot, and you move using the D-pad. Once you start a stage however the movement is done for you and all you have to focus on is jumping and punching. Pressing X performs a jump, which can be used to climb walls, hop over gaps and even jump on enemies’ heads.

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The game is divided into 3 different worlds, each based on the genres of music threatening to take over. You have to defeat the mid-boss and final boss to unlock the next world, again very similar to games like Crash Bandicoot or Mario. The gameplay is very simple but I actually found it fun to play and the interesting twist is that you have to switch running directions at times and there’s tricky items to collect. Each stage has a specific start and end but how you get there can be done in slightly different ways, with some routes providing more collectables. The running in the game isn’t particularly fast and if anything it’s too slow, making the gameplay too easy at times. The game would be more challenging if it were a lot faster and it would have been a nice option to be able to increase the run speed.

If you find a Pegasus Statue during the stage you are thrown into the bonus stage where you fly on a rocket-propelled Pegasus Stick Horse. Here you have to collect as many vinyl records as possible whilst avoiding enemies and obstacles in your path. The stage gets progressively faster as you get further, therefore becoming more challenging. Movement is simple and you have to tap the X button to rise and let go to fall. I actually enjoyed these bonus levels even more than the main stages as it reminded me of particular moments in the Rayman games.

The boss fights offer something entirely different to the main running sections of the game. These feel like mini games where you have to master certain button inputs to defeat tricky bosses. Its nothing especially amazing but it does offer a nice change of pace and keeps things interesting. During stages you have to collect gold vinyl’s that are strategically placed along particular paths. These are important to collect as they can be used to purchase items from the store, where you can but things like weapons and helmets. These don’t really impact gameplay at all but they are an incentive to try and collect as many vinyl’s as possible. The game does provide some replayability because some vinyls are locked away behind certain walls that can only be broken with specific weapons. This is where the game is most entertaining and why I enjoyed it so much. I always enjoy a game far more when there is some kind of incentive to go back and reply past stages or areas.

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The 3 worlds are pretty distinct and the difficulty does change between each. The first world is incredibly easy but the following two worlds to make things a bit more interesting. Each world has on average about 14 stages and therefore the game isn’t too long. Some people may simply blaze through the game with no trouble and therefore don’t expect to spend hours playing this game. I often like having a game that’s shorter and feels like it can be played it small bursts. I actually think it feels like the perfect game for portable devices.

The presentation of the game is unique, vibrant and again I loved the playful style of the game. The graphics aren’t amazing and it does look like a mobile game rather than a console game. The game has plenty of funny references to popular franchises and films which was nice to see. Considering the game’s story is heavily focused around music its pretty lackluster and the soundtrack is pretty forgettable.

Overall Funk of Titans is a short game that’s reasonably fun to play and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The graphics are very basic but the vibrant colours and cartoon style make it enjoyable to look at. The game does get trickier towards the end but it never feels like you’re being truly challenged. I would only recommend this game if you’re looking for an easy game that you can play in short bursts and can enjoy trying to obtain plenty of collectables.

Rating 6

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