Clouds & Sheep 2 Review


The eagerly anticipated sequel to Clouds and Sheep is here. One thing that sets this one apart from the first is that it is available on PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices. Clouds and Sheep 2 doesn’t have a complicated detailed plot. There are a variety of things going on in the game. Your goal is to take care of your sheep, complete various tasks, and find the fabled fountain of youth. Taking care of your sheep involves feeding them, giving them medicine, play with them, and other tasks. Make sure to take care of them because if not they die. You can even have them fall in love with each other and create a new sheep. You also have to take care of the land as well such as planting trees, flowers, and making sure there is water.

The tutorial is very simple. You start off in a farm with one sheep named buddy. Your first task is to poke him. Then it tells you how to interact with your sheep, and how to do other things. You even learn how to make rain. In order to make sure your sheep have water, you have to collect small clouds and put them together. Once they become a big gray cloud rain starts to fall from it. Then you can drag that cloud anywhere you want and hold it to that spot to form puddles of water for your sheep to drink from. Holding rain clouds in one spot can also help grass to pop up. Making sure grass is planted is important as well because that is what they eat. You can also change the color of your sheep, and give them hats to wear. If you click on your sheep for a few seconds your sheep will tell you what they want.


To help your sheep fall in love just plant some flowers. Then have them eat the petals. After that, you put them next to each other and they fall in love. A heart will appear and you mix it with a nearby cloud to make a new sheep. Having enough wood, flower petals, wool, and stars is vital to progressing in the game. Every item you use will require either a certain number of petals, stars, or wood to use it one time. You can collect stars by making sure your sheep are happy. Every time you do one thing for them that they wanted you earn a star. You can unlock new areas as well by tending to your sheep and completing tasks.

Each new area has new items to unlock and new tasks.  If you want to unlock more space in one area you need a certain number of stars and wood as well. Use your supplies wisely because just about everything in the game requires you to use them. They don’t replenish fast either. You can only collect so many petals from each flower and so many pieces of wood from each tree. Day and night progress in the game as well. When this happens the sheep fall asleep. This pretty much puts your gaming to a stop. There isn’t much you can do when they are asleep. Playing Clouds and Sheep 2 is similar to playing Farmville. A big plus to Clouds and Sheep 2 is that you don’t have to wait on your neighbors or friends to give you items you need.


You don’t need to play the first one in order to enjoy this sequel. It is a casual, family-friendly game perfect for all skill levels. It also doesn’t require tons of time to get into. If you enjoy other games in this genre you will get sucked into playing this one too. I found myself quickly getting sucked into the game before I knew it. Reaching new levels isn’t hard to do. The game isn’t exactly difficult it just takes time and patience to get the most out of it. Clouds and Sheep 2 doesn’t get boring because there is always something to do. The controls on the PC were very easy because all you need is your mouse if your PC isn’t touch screen.

Clouds & Sheep 2 is very visually appealing. The visuals are colorful, sharp, and fit with the comical tone of the game. I just loved how facially expressive the sheep were while playing the game. I also loved that you could unlock new worlds. Meaning you aren’t stuck looking at the same background the whole time. You can switch in and out of worlds at will. Since this game isn’t really an adventure game it has a good amount of replayability. If you aren’t really into simulation games this might not be for you. Clouds and Sheep 2 is a great game to play if you are looking for something new. The graphics look great on PC, isn’t complicated, and fun to play. A great family-friendly game.

Rating 9

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