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Quest of Dungeons is a fresh take on the mystery dungeon style RPG genera. All of the enjoyment of this game is based entirely if you enjoy this style of gameplay. If you’re looking for any kind of plot or deep character development I would look elsewhere as this game is sorely lacking in those departments. Moving on to where this game succeeds the most, the gameplay, Quest of Dungeons first has you chose a character class. They’re Warrior, assassin, Wizard, and shaman. When you have the character class you would like to play as the main game begins after a brief cut scene. Each time you move in the dungeon one tile a turn will pass. These turns go by really quickly and you will only notice them when you’re near monsters.Moves consist of using items, attacking, looting items, and moving in the dungeon. While fighting off monsters in the dungeons your character will gain experience and eventually level up. It is highly recommended that you try and level up as much as possible because when you die in the game all of your progress will be lost. This will of course turn some players away as having to redo everything can be annoying . While exploring the many levels of a dungeon players will often find new items including better armor and weapons. These of course will have better stats. While exploring the dungeon you will also need to be on the look out for traps. Some times while moving around you may potentially step on a switch which could trigger more monsters to appear.

The only gripe I have with the gameplay is some of the menu UI but once you get used to it, it isn’t too bad. While exploring the dungeons you will even occasionally come across shop keepers. I do recommend grinding for gold as most of the items at the shops can be really expensive. Some of the items you can get can be things like keys and food and of course armor and weapons. Exploring the dungeons is thankfully made easier with the in-game map. While exploring the map will auto complete itself and show the location of any locked doors you may come across.

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As for graphics, the graphics look decent. They’re reminiscent of SNES era sprites. While this is a good thing my only complaint is that a lot of the rooms look really similar. Most of the designs are often reused so there is little verity in how areas look. What I do like however are the character designs, they have an old school look and feel which can play on the nostalgia of anyone who grew up in the SNES / Genesis days. Even the character movements have that classic feel to them.

The music/ sound design of the game is ok. The music isn’t memorable at all . At least it isn’t horrible though, the tracks do fit the atmosphere of the game. The sound design for things such as opening doors or attacking sound generic at best, they do however give the game an arcade like vibe which could be considered a plus.

Like I said earlier, this game has virtually no plot at all. The general idea is that you and 3 of your friends have been summoned to take on a dungeon and rid it of the monsters inside. The other three however force you to do the task on your own. In my opinion while the story maybe lacking, this game is more about the adventure and the gameplay so I wouldn’t consider the lack of a real story a negative.

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If you’re looking for a game that offers a significant amount of replay value this game has it in spades, that is if you don’t mind losing your progress every time you die. Again, while this may push away some gamers, those that are into NES style gameplay quirks may enjoy this.

Quest of Dungeons has its flaws but it is still worth your time if you are up to some of the set backs it has. This game can be challenging at times especially if you’re under leveled. It also provides that rewarding feeling when you get further than what you did before. It has great gameplay but it also has music that isn’t memorable. I would say if you’re interested in trying this game try and get it when it’s on sale as it really isn’t for everyone. It’s for this reason Quest of Dungeons gets a 7/10. While I would say this game can be enjoyable, some of the design choices will not be for everyone.

Rating 7

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