Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade Review

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Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade is an interesting new addition to the litany of other Warhammer games out there made based off the universe created by the infamous Games Workshop. In Eternal Crusade, you choose to play the part of a soldier fighting for one of four sides in an endless war for control. Each side has their own specific advantages and disadvantages but universally almost all soldiers are the same. This is because each player chooses an infantry type that is relevant to their racial choice that fills one of a number of set roles. These roles cover everything from foot soldiers to jump infantry to powerful magic users. This diversity is spread across all the armies of the game, but don’t be fooled, despite this each army’s representative of each of these roles is still fundamentally different.

The game is an MMO over-the-shoulder shooter and does not require a monthly subscription of any kind but does require a hefty price of the initial purchase. This purchase however does gift you with a small amount of free premium in-game currency to buy new weapons and cosmetic upgrades to your character. The game has the absolute smallest level of pay-to-play advantage unfortunately. In the shop where you are able to buy items for your characters that are mostly cosmetic there are weapons that are beautified versions of the best weapons in the game, weapons that you would normally have to play multiple rounds in order to afford in the games normal currency. These weapons are available to you and cost much less than the amount you are initially given in premium currency, making it possible for a new player to come in with the best gun or melee weapon in the game, even if they don’t exactly know how to use it yet. This advantage is spread across to all players, giving anyone with the money to spend and the drive to excel the ability to have the best equipment on the battlefield.

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Despite the fact that you can get the best weapons the game has to offer without actually working for it, there is a system to balance this out. Each unit is given 1,000 points allotted to their equipment as a character. Each item that character equips increases their total by a fairly proportionate amount based on that items power. This system is very good at what at it does, making it impossible for any one character to come in armed to the teeth unless they have played for a long time and earned enough advancements to improve their equipment cost.

After each round, you are given points based on how well you and your team did during the match. These points are divided out into three categories: Experience, advancements, and requisition. Experience increases your overall rank as a player of the specific race you are playing. Advancements allow you to buy permanent upgrades to a multitude of factions of your races abilities. These advancements are centered towards each troop type but can be taken at any time since points are universal. This makes it possible for a player to have played a regular soldier their entire career and use their points to improve the healer or caster class to what level they want it to be at before switching to play the new class at it’s full potential. These advancements also can improve damage or decrease the cost of equipping items of a specific type with the end goal of unlocking an epic master class version of each of the vanilla classes. Finally, requisition is used to purchase new gear without having to spend any actual money. Requisition can be used to buy gear directly out of the catalog or to purchase supply drops that have chances of dropping epic gear that cannot be acquired by other means. This also helps balance out the system yet again, making it only possible to acquire the best gear in the game by playing enough to have earned the requisition to hopefully see it arrive via a supply drop.

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Graphically the game is gorgeous, easily standing up to modern standards. With amazing attention to detail and unique and diverse maps to play on, you will seldom experience two matches that are the same. The game also boasts a variety of different play styles varying from king of the hill to castle defense/siege. These also give the game a high replay value, making the player want to try all the different styles of play and earn better gear to shine on the battlefield among their peers.

All in all Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade is a masterpiece. Well designed and with few flaws, this game is a dream come true for any Warhammer player who ever wanted to live the life of a soldier on the frontlines in the endless galactic conflict of the 41st millennium. Grab you weapon soldiers, and prepare for war!

Rating 10

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