Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2 Review

As far back as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be a gangster” Guns, Galore and Cannelloni 2 is a platformer which is set within the gangster era of New York city. The story tells of Vinnie. A continuation from the first game. There is someone following him. Vinnie has set himself the task of finding the “man in charge” and teaching him a lesson. As a continuation from the first game, this is good for players who would like to continue along Vinnie’s journey. There will be

The gameplay is fast paced and exciting. The entirety of the game does not take itself seriously, instead it uses humour as a core game mechanic. Many encounters can be completed with wrecking balls and the like. It is also very commonplace to have multiple ways of ambushing the enemy when they are in awkward idle stances.

The focus is on gunplay with the occasional chainsaw revving its way into the mix. Classics such as the Tommy Gun feature and can vastly change up the gameplay. As the title of the game suggests, gore is plentiful and satisfying. Shoot off heads or dismember enemies with a sharp object! Following the cartoonish style of meat and bone, it doesn’t get old even after the hundredth time. Life is low although health pickups are not too rare meaning that you can run into the action without being too worried about being killed.

The game does fall into the zombie trap. Zombies is a tired scenario which is entirely generic and uninspired. It feels cheap compared to the gameplay that is highlighted for the majority of the game. Honestly it was disappointing for an otherwise brilliant game to fall into the trap. While games dedicated to the apocalypse genre can be appealing (Dying Light comes to mind as a masterpiece of gameplay). Games such as Guns, Galore and Cannelloni contrast from the game design.

Graphics wise, the game looks like it comes straight out of a comic book. It is a very fresh design that is both visually appealing and proper for the game styles. As someone with strong feelings towards games being artwork, this game hit the mark at every opportunity. A theatre scene near the beginning of the game caught my eye especially. With enemies shooting from the balconies, little cover and ambushing from various parts of the scenery, the gameplay changed to spray and pray madness.

The sound design is great, the dialogue is brilliant albeit a bit repetitive. Different enemy types have their own limited dialogue that is sometimes repeated a bit too much for my liking. The music fits the scenes well in period style. Downtime includes subtle sound effects which make the world feel real.

Overall the game is very fun, and I highly enjoyed the gameplay. The game breaths life into a genre which is in a dying state. There is replay-ability and I can see it being a decent challenge at higher difficulties. What makes this game good is quick movement both vertically and horizontally. A larger challenge will force you to use this mechanic more. While the game may have flaws that can make the game a bit repetitive, the game flows well. This is a platformer done right. as someone who often avoids the genre, this was a very interesting take on the genre. Crazy Monkey have created a solid game that gives satisfying features on every level. If platformers are your ‘cup of tea’ I would highly recommend picking this game up.

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