5 big new releases to look out for this week on PlayStation Store

This week, Conan the Barbarian welcomes you to the brutal lands of Conan Exiles, a massive open-world in which surviving will be no easy feat. Bungie’s sci-fi blockbuster Destiny 2 also gets its second expansion, taking you to the freezing polar caps of Mars for the next chapter of your Guardian’s epic adventure.

On PS VR, play through a puzzling point-and-click elevator journey with Floor Plan VR, or unleash your inner artist in a 3D space with CoolPaintr’s incredible set of creative tools.

1. Conan Exiles

Can you survive in the savage, brutal world of Conan the Barbarian? Only the strongest will thrive in the vast and dangerous open-world of Funcom’s latest survival game. Forge the legacy of your clan, build your kingdom and wage war on your enemies.

  • Why you should play it: Try to survive the treacherous lands of Conan’s universe in local single-player or persistent online multiplayer.
  • Releases: 8th May

2. Destiny 2 – Warmind

Your Guardian’s journey continues with Warmind, Destiny 2’s second expansion. Ana Bray, a Guardian long thought lost, searches for a connection to her past and discovers Warmind Rasputin as well as an ancient and hostile Hive army sworn to their god Xol. Help Ana discover her past and destroy the Hive’s gargantuan worm-god before it’s too late.

  • Why you should play it: New Strikes, story missions and a brand new Raid lair.
  • Releases: 8th May

3. Floor Plan VR

It’s crazy what can happen on a single elevator journey! Ascend through Floor Plan, a frenzied puzzle adventure that takes place entirely inside a lift. From the basement to the roof you will need to find items and figure out their connections, as well as acquaint yourself with a hilarious cast of characters. Quite a ride ahead!

  • Why you should play it: Floor Plan is a fresh take on a classic genre, and takes point-and-click mechanics to the next level with virtual reality!
  • Releases: 8th May

4. CoolPaintrVR

Turn your PS Move into a paintbrush and get creative with CoolPaintrVR! Paint in a 3D space and unleash your imagination to see your paintings from within. Create 3D models from hand-drawn shapes thanks to a simple and user friendly interface – but with loads of advanced features for experienced artists. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can create.

5. Laser League

Laser League

Laser League is the new game from OlliOlli creators Roll7 – a high-speed futuristic sport where teams of two or three players face off in a game where reflexes, tactics and strategy are vital. Figure out the patterns of the multiple arenas’ moving lasers and manipulate the puzzles to eliminate the other team with your own lasers. Work as a team and master the six different classes on offer, each contributing to the game in a different way.


9th May

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