Muv-Luv Alternative Review

Muv-Luv alternative is set three years after the events of Muv-Luv unlimited, where the protagonist from both Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv unlimited, Shirogane Takeru wakes up to a familiar surrounding. Feeling some regret towards events that occurred in Unlimited, he aims to try to change these events from happening, similar to the previous games. There will be characters that will return to the series, such as Mitsurugi Meiya, the heir to a fortune in the previous game, has now been changed into a cadet of Unit 207, with ambitions to graduate as fast as possible to join the fight, but there may be deeper motivations pushing her forwards,

The next reappearing character is Tamase Miki, the second cadet of the unit, who specialises in sniping and was a kind friend and always wanted to keep people together in previous instalments. Then we have Ayamine Kei, the third cadet of 207, who was always missing from class in previous instalments. These are some of the returning characters, but there are some new characters that will appear in Muv-Luv Alternate, such as Kyouzuka Shizue. She works in the base as part of the personnel as a cook and as she continues to serve, will earn a rank in the military. The next character is Yashiro Kasumi, who also appears in Unlimited and Alternative, but she is not a female love interest for the main hero during either of the games, but is an important part of alternate.

During the game there are moments that are similar to the previous game, up until a point, as the game will follow a similar story-line to Unlimited in the beginning, but will start to change during the course of the game, which will shape how the events of the game unfold. With all the twists and turns, there will be some similar events at the start of the game, but due to the game’s paths, the events will differ the further into the game you play.

There are many moments during the game which will allow a player to select options and this will direct the flow of the story, which could end as a choice of multiple endings that the player may gain from playing through the game and making their own decisions during important moments in sections of the game. There are also sections wherein the game will act as a cut-scene, with the characters speaking, making the scenes more immersive and will draw a player deeper into the moment which is happening during these small scenes, During the game there may be scenes that will be dark to the player, but these are in the game as an incentive to the main hero as what may happen if he fails to stop the events of the upcoming danger during the course of the game.

For fans of the game’s series, the controls are similar to that of the past entries. It makes it easier to play, with a control at the simple click of the button and without losing your place within the story, or having to miss an important moment in the story, as this may become important in a later part; so it is useful to have simple controls to complete the game with the least amount of button clicks. There is a button to change the games language from English to Japanese and back, with a simple click or to let the game’s story play on auto.

There are many ways for the game to have a romantic involvement with one of the female characters, as there are multiple female characters that can become love interests for the main character to fall in love with. Through multiple ways, such as dialogue options, dates and specific options, the main character can choose from a specific moment throughout the main story-line; with so many female romance options, there are multiple reasons to replay the game with different female romances with each play-through, as there can be different outcomes due to the romance options that you have chosen.

The game is a fun and is an interesting continuation of an expanding story, or a good starting point for newcomers to the series. The game is an interesting standalone, or an interesting way to entice players with their gripping story and visual scenes. This will also draw players who have played the previous instalment and are looking for an interesting ending to their game, or are just playing the game as a way to escape from their daily life and enjoy some simple laughs or a lover’s quarrel.

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