PS VR invites you to witness acclaimed UK music artist Tom Grennan perform at an intimate gig like no other

PS VR continues to bring you experiences that get you closer to the action and immerse you in the moment. And thanks to a new stunning collaboration between PlayStation Worldwide Studios, Sony Music UK’s 4th Floor Creative and one of the hottest recording artists on the scene right now, you’ve got a front row seat to a very special, personal performance by UK music artist Tom Grennan.

Put on your PS VR headset and have a VIP experience of an intimate, two song set at the iconic Metropolis Studios in London. The singer, backed by a superb three-piece band, performs two tracks from his recently released debut album – ‘Royal Highness’ and ‘Found What I’ve Been Looking For’.


Thanks to pioneering PlayStation VR tech called Dynamic Eye Contact, Tom appears to look directly at you as if you really are in front of him. This creates a jaw dropping level of immersion that’s never been possible before.

Tom Grennan in VR is essential for both fans of the singer and for those who want to discover and experience music in a whole new way. It makes for a mesmerising, wholly unique performance that must be experienced to be believed.

How the experience was created

The story behind the experience is fascinating. The band’s performance was captured on a green screen with lighting carefully designed to match the recording studio (the real-life location was rebuilt digitally to form the backdrop to the performances) where they would be placed.

Each performer had their own 3D camera which could track them anywhere they moved. Check out the video below as Tom and Worldwide Studios give you an exclusive behind the scenes look at how this unique experience came together.

Blurring the line between recording and real-life gig

From the team behind the award-winning Joshua Bell VR Experience, this new release pushes the boundaries between fan and artist even further. Intermixed with the impressive 3D surround sound, Tom Grennan in VR blurs the line between a recording and a real-life gig. You’ll feel like you’re in the room with Tom.

Tom Grennan VR is exclusive to PS VR until 27th January 2019, meaning this is the only place to experience this dazzling spectacle. And best of all, it’s absolutely free. So on 27th July, put on your PS VR headset and headphones, and prepare for a gig like no other.

Be sure to check out Tom’s album, Lighting Matches, produced by Grammy award winning producer Frazer T Smith (Stormzy / Adele / Kano / Plan B) and Dan Grech (Liam Gallagher / Killers / Radiohead). You can follow Tom across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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