11 great co-op & competitive multiplayer games discounted on PlayStation Store this weekend

Meeting up with friends, sharing good times in the sunshine, throwing a ball around through the long, balmy evenings – that’s what summer’s all about, right? Even better if you’re meeting up to hunt intergalactic pirates together, the sunshine is the kind that’s overrun by zombies, or you’re dunking on your rivals and leaving them sprawled across the court.

Well good news! There’s a whole bunch of multiplayer games that fit the bill in our Summer Sale, each with huge discounts that you and your pals won’t be able to resist…

1. No Man’s Sky

The huge, game-changing No Man’s Sky NEXT update is now live, and with it comes a much-requested full multiplayer experience to get stuck in to. Join your buddies in their galaxy and you’ll be free to explore new planets together, share resources and work towards building your own base, go hunting for space pirates or chase down plunder from frigates and transporters yourselves.

No Man’s Sky is on sale until to 8/8/2018 11:59pm.

2. Arizona Sunshine

The sun-baked wasteland of the Arizona desert is no place to be alone – even more so when ravenous hordes of zombies won’t let you enjoy the sunshine. Thankfully, up to three friends can join you in this PlayStation VR shooter, letting you face them down as a team and attempt to stay alive together,with full support for the PS VR Aim controller, PS Move motion controllers or your usual Dualshock 4.

Arizona Sunshine is on sale until to 8/8/2018 11:59pm.

3. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege + The Division Bundle

Blasting into the Summer Sale as a tactical action twin-pack, these two Tom Clancy shooters give different takes on squad based action and each have a tonne of content to see you through summer.

Rainbow Six Siege has become one of the world’s most-played esports titles, with tense, tactical first-person shoot-outs, a huge roster of global Special Forces operatives to master, and plenty of locations to keep things fresh.

A vast, post-pandemic recreation of New York City, teeming with heavily armed gangs of looters and rogue militia, violently oppressing the remaining civilians and fighting each other to make the streets their own. You’re not going to let them get away with that, are you? Enter The Division – the last hope of restoring order to the streets, with third-person squad based (or solo) missions, PvP events and the notorious Dark Zone.

(And if you’ve got a taste for the action, The Division Season Pass is also heavily discounted, bringing an incredible amount of extra content to the base game, including new zones, missions and game types).

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege + The Division Bundle is on sale until to 8/8/2018 11:59pm.

4. Helldivers: Super-Earth Ultimate Edition

One of the most all-out fun games of the past few years, putting a squad together and roaming around bug-infested backwaters as part of an elite Helldiver team is hard to beat. This Super-Earth Ultimate Edition packs in more tech and more firepower to adorn your crew with, whether you’re playing local co-op or with online friends.

Helldivers: Super-Earth Ultimate Edition is on sale until 22/8/2018 11:59pm.

5. Grand Theft Auto V – Premium Online Edition

If you’ve been waiting to take the plunge into the criminal underworld of Grand Theft Auto V Online, now could be the perfect time. Of course, this edition comes with the huge original game, but also gives your online life a huge boost from the get-go, with over GTA$10,000,000 of in-game content like weapons, properties, vehicles and more to get started with.

GTAV is on sale until 22/8/2018 11:59pm.

6. Gran Turismo Sport

It can be hard to tear your eyes away from the stunning detail of the cars, interiors, tracks and environments of Gran Turismo Sport, but you’re going to have to try if you want to get the finish line bragging rights over your opponents – whether that’s in head-to-head races, online competitions, or just getting above your friends on the leader boards to prove you’ve got the best driving skills.

GT Sport is on sale until 8/8/2018 11:59pm.

7. NBA 2K18

2K’s fan-favourite basketball sim boasts incredible detail, realism and ways to create and customise your on-court legend, but if real-life rivalries are more your thing, you can jump online and go head-to-head with friends, or head into MyTeam to get the drop on your rivals by creating your own NBA and showing the world that you own the courts.

NBA 2K18 is on sale until 8/8/2018 11:59pm.

8. For Honor

Straddling the line between co-op and competitive multiplayer, For Honor provides plenty of armour-rattling ways to brawl with your buddies. Show off your prowess in one-on-one Duels, slug it out in two vs two Brawls, or go all-out in best of five Elimination and Skirmish matches with four players on each side.

For Honor’s Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition and Gold Edition – as well as the Season Pass – are all simmering away in the Summer Sale right now.

For Honor is on sale until 22/8/2018 11:59pm.

9. Tekken 7

Even since the good old PS One days, there’s never been a better way to settle old scores than a Tekken slug-fest. On top of a cinematic story mode than brings the Mishima blood feud to an epic conclusion, new fighting mechanics and a roster of over 30 playable warriors (including many all-time fan favourites) means Tekken 7 is still the great leveller when it comes to taking on your rivals.

Tekken 7 is on sale until 22/8/2018 11:59pm.

10. H1Z1 Deluxe Founder’s Bundle

Being the last man standing in a battle royal match is pretty satisfying – but throw yourself and a friend into the H1Z1 arena equipped with a ton of loot from this Deluxe Founder’s Bundle, and the win becomes even sweeter. Unleash the sarcasm dance emote when you take them down, and you’ll be able to feel their rage pulsing through the screen.

H1Z1 Deleux Founder’s Bundle is on sale until 22/8/2018 11:59pm.

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