Supernatural PS4 shooter Strange Brigade launches with score attack and horde modes

With Strange Brigade launching in just three weeks’ time on 28th August, it’s high time we lifted the lid on a couple of very exciting surprises we have in store. Previously we’ve only talked about the game’s campaign mode – an incredible 1930s story-based adventure for 1-4 players full of death-defying heroics and third-person shooter action.

But we’ll also have two extended modes that will be available free at launch – no download necessary! And like the campaign, both modes are also playable in single-player or in co-op for two to four players.
So we’re thrilled to announce for Strange Brigade… horde mode and score attack!

A strange twist

Developed by our crack team here at Rebellion, in horde mode you’ll face off against waves of increasingly deadly enemies, but the real twist comes from taking some of the gameplay mechanics of the campaign and reinterpreting them in a fresh new mode.

Just as you’ll spend gold you earn in the campaign to unlock new weapons and the special limited-ammo prototype weapons, in horde mode it’s how you spend the cash you accumulate by killing enemies.

Will you spend your hard-earned haul on unlocking the crowd-splitting Blunderbuss, knowing that once it runs out of ammo that it’s gone for good? Or maybe you’ll save up your gold to satisfy the spirits who guard the locked doors in each level, opening up new areas of the map where you might find even more goodies like vital health potions and other lucrative loot?

This rejigging of the main game is really smart, and we’ve got a great mode now that adds a lot of interesting tactical decisions to that classic premise of staying alive for as long as possible against an enemy that will eventually overwhelm you – or will it?


Rack up those scores, Strange Brigade

If horde mode is more about endurance, score attack is all about cutting through the chaos with speed and panache! It’s a really fast-paced mode with lots of opportunity to show off your skills.
The basic idea is to complete a small slice from one of the campaign levels, except it’s been tweaked to be positively teeming with enemies!

The most obvious and important difference, however, is the combo-multiplier. This ticks up as you take down enemies in quick succession, and depletes if you go too long without scoring a kill. So if you speed through as quickly as possible you’ll maximize your final score exponentially in your quest to top the online leaderboards!

But you’ll also earn big bonus points for completing certain objectives – like not taking any damage, scoring enough headshots, making enough kills with just your bullets, and so on. So it’s not all about putting pedal to the metal – you’ve got to tear through all those mischievous mummies with style!

Traps, explosives, and the wide variety of powerful special weapons on offer allow you to do exactly that, although just getting to the end isn’t exactly a walk in the park!

Again, the team took a simple premise and ran with it to make a really exciting mode that massively exceeded our original blueprints. Score Attack is a pure arcade thrill that will keep you coming back for more!


On the next exciting episode of… Strange Brigade

We’re really pleased with how both horde mode and score attack have turned out. In both modes you’re going to be playing modes that could be stand-alone games in their own right. They both take elements from the campaign game, remix them and turn them into new games with totally new flavours!

We’re also excited to confirm that we’ll be adding brand new (free) content for both modes, and we are hoping that long after you’ve completed the main adventure of Strange Brigade, you’ll be coming back to horde mode and score attack to compete with your friends – and against them!

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