The Biggest Game in Esports

Are you aware that the global audience for the esports games is estimated to reach up to more than 490 million users?

With new games being released yearly, the evolution of esports has been impressive. Some sports, however, dominate the industry and are typically more popular than others. When it comes to the biggest games in esports, it ordinarily means different things to different users. While some games are popular worldwide, others enjoy regional success. Read on to find more about the popular esports.

Is there a Career in Esports?

Yes, there is a big career in the world of esports. First, you do not necessarily need to be a professional gamer to get a job within esports. With this, what job opportunities are available in esports? Else, how can you open the doors and start making good cash from this industry? Here are the options.

Generally, esports is a growing area that provides various viable career options to users. However, it is certainly not yet a common knowledge to all users. Still, there’s a misconception amongst users who think that playing the esports games is not only a total waste of time but also not valuable and constructive to an individual’s career or development. All in all, esports indeed offers job seekers with incredible earning opportunities.

In fact, the global revenues from esports are anticipated to hit over $1.1 billion by the end of 2020. What this means is that more and more jobs are becoming readily available, both for the beginners plus the already experienced people in the industry.

The Available Jobs

There are several types of jobs available within esports. The good thing is that companies are introducing esports divisions or even adding roles that work typically within the esports market segment. 

Some of the jobs that you can get at esports include professional player, host, coach, analyst, journalist, content creator, marketing executive, referee, partnership manager, manager, social media manager, broadcast crew, event manager, statistician, lawyer, distribution, developers, among other opportunities.

When was Esports Founded?

If you believe that esports came into existence a couple of years ago, you are totally wrong! In the 1950s, the video games’ foundation stone was laid in both the console and the PC. However, the technology’s advent around the 1990s made it viable to produce the games for mass consumption.

Luckily, the increasing improvement of graphics, hardware, as well as the growth of the internet globally has undoubtedly contributed to the growth of esports games as popular sports.

Basically, the very first esport game occurred back in October of 1972. The tournament took place at Stamford University, where the students contested in a popular video game known as Spacewar. Keep in mind that the grand winner of the event was guaranteed a whole year subscription to the famous Rolling Stones Magazines.

In conclusion, the esports have a long way to go, and it’s projected to grow further to satisfy the booming gaming world. The same way fans stream into the stadium to watch world-class athletes competing at their highest levels, esports has created a similar type of demand in terms of spectatorship and participation all through the years. 

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