Virtual gaming is on an unstoppable rise

Virtual Reality gaming continues to grow as technological advancements progress, but a concept that was once deemed impossible, certainly has the potential to become the next “big thing” in the gaming industry.

What can kind of gaming have we come to expect?

Of course, virtual gaming has its roots in the first-person shooter. They are by far the most popular genre of VR games with players experiencing battlefield similarities with appropriate audio and visual escorts such as bullets and explosions. But, VR also has its future in a completely different direction too – online gambling. 

That industry has never suffered from a lack of gamers and VR will only serve to increase this. VR casinos will offer a wide array of games including slot machines, immersive roulette as well as poker and other card games. As the gambling industry continues to expand, offers such as free spins no deposit keep what you win uk pop up consistently, and, with VR behind it, those promotions are likely to increase further, particularly as virtual casinos would provide social interaction for players.

The release of virtual gaming

When the first prototypes of the Oculus VR and Samsung Gear VR landed, the age of virtual reality had well and truly kicked off. In 2015, HTC launched the Vive headset, equipped with hand controllers and tracking technology. As a result, by the end of 2015, VR revenue in the gaming industry had hit $4.3 billion.

A mere year later, there were 230 Virtual Reality development companies tasked with producing VR hardware and software. With this mind annual growth rate in mind, experts predict that total revenue will exceed $45 billion in 2025.

Becoming more affordable

One thing which rankled the ordinary public with the release of Virtual Reality was the absence of affordability. But, hardware production leaders such as Oculus, HTC, Sony and Google are now moving towards more mobile and affordable headsets with new innovative technologies.

And, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are predicted to reduce the price for VR game products in the near future, with a standalone VR headset and appropriate gaming content the likely next steps to be taken.

Why VR is different

For consumers and gamers, VR provides different and new options in a three-dimension gaming environment. Immersion is a key factor as to sales for consoles and games and nothing compares to VR games in this respect. Getting inside the game and not just observing it is a crowd winner with 360-video content and dense graphics giving the feeling of presence.

The new level of interaction provided by VR is a head turner too. Players can control and modify the game environment at their own pace through controllers, with human senses likely to be at the forefront of VR releases in the next few years.

VR offers gamers something different and exciting, and, with the cost of such devices likely to be brought down, the future looks very bright for Virtual Reality.

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