The No Risk Way to Try Online Casinos & Slots

As is the case throughout the online gambling industry, the casino sector is incredibly competitive when it comes to trying to attract new customers.

Name recognition and recommendations on social media forums and the like can certainly help in generating interest and a great platform in terms of the technology, games and features will also always win over many potential players.

However, one of the most popular methods of attracting new customers is with free bets, particularly in the form of ‘No Deposit Free Spins’.

Free Play Opportunities

These promotions hold obvious appeal for the customer, in that the opportunity to play games for free with no risk of losing money, potentially try out a range of different games available (there may well be certain restrictions as to what games the free spins are eligible for) and get a general feel for the site and platform prior to deciding whether to make a deposit.

Typically, all that’s required to claim your no deposit free spins from an online casino is to fill out the casino’s registration form and verify your account. The customer’s bonus will usually be available to use immediately upon completion of these details.

There are certain restrictions that players need to be aware of even with no deposit free bet promotions. Using a trusted comparison site for the latest and best deals make sense and it’s also imperative to read through all the small print with regards to what terms and conditions needs to be met with any no deposit free bet offer. 

What To Watch Out For

The number of free spins available will vary from casino to casino, with there also being variations as to how they are offered. For example, some casinos will offer a few free spins upon registering and then an additional amount once you actually make a deposit into your account.  

Also be aware that many online casinos will have wagering requirements or win limits, but it is certainly possible for new players to win money without risking anything themselves using free spins offers.

Loyalty Bonuses

From the casino’s viewpoint, the hope is that the new player will enjoy the free spins on the games to such a degree that, once they have used up their bonus, they will want to register and fund an account and become a long-term customer.

There is though no obligation for the player to ever make a deposit and, should they wish to do so, they can simply use the no deposit free spins offer to play a video slots game for free and never return to the site again.

The good news is that free spins aren’t entirely aimed towards new customers, with loyalty also being rewarded for continuing to play on a regular basis with some online casinos.

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