Ride 4 – For Real Racing Thrills at Home

Are online bingo games not as exciting as before? Have you tried all the games offered by Microgaming bingo sites and are exhausted? If you are looking for other alternatives to casino gaming, you can try Ride 4. Milestone is bringing the new edition of its motorcycle racing game “Ride 4” for PS4, Xbox, and PC players on October 8, 2020. You can expect the best racing game for consoles with this Ride franchise Milestone has remodelled every aspect of the game from scratch to give you a complete racing experience. Up to 12 players can play the game online.

Excellent Circuits
With 176 designed to perfection motorbikes and 24 international racing circuits that spread over Europe America and Asia and the unlimited customisation options for riding gears, any player will find this more exciting than bingo sites. The racetrack choices are plenty. They are designed to give riding experience in daylight, night, and in dynamic weather conditions. The fictional, as well as real-life, recreated tracks add authenticity to the game. However, the dynamic conditions are restricted to long and high endurance events and single race events set-up by the player. The players can utilise the engine modes to save fuel usage and different compounds from reducing tire wear readings.

Career Mode
The newly introduced career mode allows the player to prove their ability on different tracks starting from American, Europe, or Asian league to reach the world league. The time attack event makes it quite complicated as even a small mistake lands you in “Restart”. The players, especially the beginners, will welcome a tweak in this aspect. However, the wins and gold received occasionally will make the game far more interesting than any Microgaming bingo sites. If you feel fed up with this PC game, you can always switch over to online gambling casinos. Come back after a few hours to relive the thrill and action. The hot lap allows the player to understand the game and get a grip on controls.

New AI
The new artificial neural network Agent offers smarter rivals and a high level of fun. A.N.N.A controls the speed of the different categories of bikes in Ride 4 and adapts to various conditions that can occur in a race. But, the low robotic responsiveness sometimes results in pile-ups if the player makes the slightest mistake. The game is quite engaging even with minor setbacks. If you are looking for alternative entertainment to bingo, then his endurance racing is the best way. Milestone offers an exciting and demanding racing experience to the video game players and two-wheeler racers through the Ride 4. Once you have played all levels, you can always switch over to playing online bingo to make some money.

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