Bonus Trends 2023

What are the casino bonus trends for 2023? That’s what we look at in this article. We have taken into account the trends in bonus offers over the last couple of years in our reviews, but we will also look ahead.


Casino bonus in brief

What is a casinobonus anyway? Bonuses are special offers from casinos to players, designed to attract new customers and to keep existing customers loyal.

Casino bonuses have been distributed for well over a decade on a variety of gaming sites, and there is no sign of any particular slowdown in their development. Over the years, the number, style, and quality of offers have varied slightly and refined to their current form, but the underlying principles remain the same.

What kind of bonuses are the most popular ones?

Over the last couple of years, there has been a clear shift in offers, with deposit bonuses and free spins no longer being the main selling point. Instead, cashbacks of various kinds have slowly taken over the offer menus of more and more companies.

In a way, the idea of cash back is completely different from the deposit bonuses and free spins that were popular in the past. The idea with cashback is that you, as a player, get money back from the casino if a certain period of time ends in a loss for you.

So the last couple of years has been pretty much dominated by cash refunds. These benefits have almost supplanted other benefits in casinos, but now there is clearly a move in the other direction. In fact, it seems that we have come full circle and are back to square one.

So right now it looks like the more traditional promotions are making a big comeback. Nowhere have they gone away completely, but clearly cashbacks are now being overshadowed by more traditional forms of benefits.

So we’ve seen recently that deposit bonuses and free spins have made a spectacular comeback as one of the biggest draws to casinos.

In terms of deposit bonuses and free spins, we can see that the offers are much more reasonable than before. There is no longer an attempt to entice players with massive bonuses, but rather to keep things more manageable with more moderate offers. And even if a really big bonus is available, in practice it means that the terms and conditions are still much clearer than before.

Gamification is making a comeback

Around five years ago, gamification was all the rage in the casino industry. They tried to make it available to players in many different forms, but perhaps the approach was still a bit wrong for many casinos. In many cases, it seemed that gamification was being forced on customers rather than just being made a natural part of the customer experience.

Now it seems that lessons have been learned, as the trend seems to be moving more and more toward gamification. However, the marketing and rules of the programs are much more moderate than before. Gamification also introduces players to the use of different benefits and combinations of benefits.

Our team predicts that gamification will be the big thing for the rest of 2023, but it is also certain that there may be a whole new range of benefits that we have no idea about at the time of writing.

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