Get to tha Choppa Twoo!!2 Review

Get to tha Choppa Twoo!!2, once you put the silly name aside, is actually a decent effort at a side-scrolling shoot ’em up mini-game. It’s simple, yet downright hard to master. I was pleasantly surprised.

Right, so the setting is this large city that has recently come under attack from flesh-eating zombies. Yes, I know, how many times have we heard this one. Well, you control a woman wielding two automatic machine guns as she runs away from a large crowd of the undead who, unsurprisingly, want to eat her. Your objective is not to kill the large mob behind you but to kill those in front of you and dodge large missiles aimed at the zombies from the helicopter that is running alongside you. Also, you have to look out for mines; tricky little blighters they are too.

The graphics are very shaky and mediocre, they actually look like they’ve been drawn by a small child, but that is the whole point, and it works very well. The game’s music (custom soundtracks are allowed) is what you’d expect from a game like this, repetitive 90’s side-scroller music, it actually works quite nicely. The developers of this title quite obviously know what makes a good game, and it shows.

The objective of the game, despite what the title might suggest, is to stay alive for as long as possible, beating your highest score, much like the good ol’ games of yore. If you want a little extra-competitive action, then you can take advantage of the game’s online high scores feature, which, as you can probably guess, lets you pit your high scores up against others. Groovy.

On occasion, you’ll get the option of using a power up, a feature not seen in the first Get to tha Choppa game. There are two choices, a ‘Njyon Pup’ or a ‘Knight Power’, the former, as you can see in the picture, is a hot dog dog that protects you for a short burst of time and speeds you up rapidly for five seconds or so. ‘Knight Power’ is very much the same, it sees you turn into a Knight in shinning armor, and makes you speed through all of enemies and obstacles in your way, destroying them in the process. Impressive.

As you can probably guess, the game gets increasingly difficult the further you play into it, so expect a lot of screaming and hair-pulling if you’re going to spend your hard earned 80 Microsoft Points on this baby. Overall, Get to tha Choppa Twoo!!2 is not a bad effort at a small side-scroller, it’s perfect for killing the odd five minutes you have spare, plus it can get pretty darn addictive.

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