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Soccer games these days, usually fall into two categories. The really realistic type games, like Fifa, and then there is the really crazy and fun games like Super Mario Strikers. Soccer up 3D is somewhere in the middle. Its not crazy like Super Mario Strikers with items and all, but its not super realistic like Fifa.

Soccer Up 3D is a follow up from the 2011 release of Soccer Up on WiiWare. It is developed by EnjoyUp Games and is currently on the 3DS Nintendo eShop for $6.99. Is Soccer Up 3D worth your money? Lets dive in.

Soccer Up 3D has your classic exhibition mode for quick games. You choose from 50 different national teams, so you can pick your favorite team. You can change the tactics of the game after you choose your team. You then choose the match time for each match, which include six, ten, twenty, fifty, or ninety minutes. There is the classic control type, and the new control type. Finally you choose where you’re going to play, the stadium or the cathedral. Soccer Up 3D has the World Cup, where you play two or three matches and you if you beat all three matches, you win the World Cup. There is also a training mode for beginners.

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Soccer games are always better with friends, and thank goodness Soccer Up 3D allows Local Multiplayer, and even Download Play! You can play Exhibition matches and play against each other. There is no online multiplayer sadly.

The controls are simple enough, the Circle Pad and the D-Pad make your player move, the “A” button is a high kick or a slide tackle, the “B’ button is a low kick or a slide tackle when you don’t have the ball, the “X” button lets you change your players on the field, the “Y” button is a dash, which is not very useful, and pressing “A and B” with the ball, you do a dash.

The music in this game, is terrible. The only music track is on the main menu, and it literally is one track repeating itself over and over again. When you’re playing on the field, there is no music, just the announcer, who is very obnoxious. He will only say, “YES”, “GOALLLL”, or “NOOO.” He also has some sort of ax-cent.

There is one unlockable in Soccer Up 3D, and that is an edit mode. In this mode, you can import your mii as one of your main players. The problem with this is that, you wont see the Miis face on the field, since the game is top down, and the graphics are terrible, so the face of the mii wont look good! To unlock the edit mode, you must play the game for a total of two hours. Which means, you should just play those ninety minute matches, without actually playing, unless you absolutely love Soccer games.

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The graphics in this game are okay. The game is top down view, but the players still look very pixellated. The field is flat. The grass does not even look like grass! There is no grass textures other than the green on the field. The soccer ball is very small, so people with bad eyesight wont see it very well at all. The 3D effect works very well however, and it does not lower the framerate of the game itself.

In conclusion. Soccer Up 3D is nothing like Fifa or the Mario Strikers series. It does little to impress anyone. The multiplayer however does make the game a whole lot more fun, which I think is the best part of Soccer Up 3D. The controls are hard to get used to, and the graphics stink. If you like Soccer Games, definitely try out this game, if you don’t, don’t bother paying $7.00 for this game.

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