2048 Review


2048 started out as a small little game from a small little developer. Now, after making it’s way on virtually every mobile phone platform, and taking the world by storm, it has made its way to the 3DS store, but doesn’t mirror gameplay exactly. Unfortunately, some key game elements are missing which makes the experience not as fun, but still enjoyable.

A key element so key to 2048 is that every time you swipe in a certain direction, the next tile comes in right away, with no lag whatsoever. This is a major issue in the 3DS version, as the tiles can take up to 5 seconds to come in after your previous move. This takes a huge chunk out of the gameplay because part of the experience of 2048 is the fast paced play. Although this takes away part of the experience, the game is still an excellent game overall, even if it doesn’t live up to its version available on phones.


The game has a very simple concept that needs to be executed in a very specific way in order to get a high score. Another major part about the game is how fun it can be to go up against friends and compare high scores or even play co-op and work together. This mode is also not present in this version, which is a real bummer considering how nice it would be to challenge someone else who owns a 3DS to play with. The replay ability in this game is outstanding as long as you have a stubborn passion to beat your friends scores, and know how to add basic numbers with the highest common number having to do with adding 1024+1024 to get a total of yes, 2048.

This game is perfect for downtime, commercial breaks on TV, a car ride, waiting at a restaurant, or any other place where you would need to pick up your phone or handheld gaming console for a quick play. A usual game lasts a mere 2-5 minutes; depending on how good you are at the game and how easily you can make up your mind on what to do.


A major turn-off for would be adapters of this game is that it does require math. But honestly, most people get so caught up in the actual gameplay and competitiveness of it that they forget it even has to do with math. A great feature that’s only available on the 3DS version to my knowledge is achievements. Since Nintendo doesn’t have its own achievement system, the creators of 2048 decided to put one in. It might be a small touch to the game, but definitely one that is an unsung hero.

I have no doubt put in over a hundred hours into the phone version of the game, and I expect to stick with the mobile version over the 3DS version just because of the fact that it has more features then the 3DS version does, and it is more portable. But, if you are in need of a game on your 3DS to fill your spare time, this game is worth the $1.99 you will need to pay.

Overall, this game provides a great quick experience for on the go, but the lack of any multiplayer component and the lag for a new tile to come in really hold this game to below its counterpart available on phones. Nonetheless, 2048 is a great buy on the 3DS.

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