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Nintendo launched Nintendo web framework for indie developers to be able to create games for the Wii U. This allows small teams to make the very most of the tools they have at their disposal, meaning more unique games from people who wouldn’t be able to make games if programmes like this weren’t available. Blok drop U, was the 1st title to utilise the Nintendo web framework. Developed by RCMADIAX, a 1 man team based in Pittsburgh USA. Michael Aschenbrenner is the soul developer for RCMADIAX and worked on this game on his own. (Among others that are currently in development) Working in field sales by day and developing these games by night. He’s like a less glamourous batman…

Blok drop U is a challenging physics puzzler made exclusive for Wii U. The objective of the game is to remove blocks and make the only red block fall on the platform below. As you move blocks, you are changing the landscape of the field, which in turn, affects the red blocks path and movement. This is all done on the gamepads touchscreen. Simply touching the blocks that you want to get rid of. The game requires forethought and patience if you are to complete levels and advance. If the red block misses its intended platform, you have to start the level again. Simple enough.

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There is a total of 30 levels in Blok drop U, all very short. The levels themselves aren’t the most challenging either. A few tries on the harder ones should see you through. Unfortunately, this makes the game much shorter than it could have been. But for under £2.00 for this game, I can hardly say it is a major pitfall. During the gameplay, there lie a few minor annoyances, nothing game breaking or major in any way. For example, once you have secured the red block and completed your mission, the game will continue until you click away the remaining blocks. This exercise is irrelevant as you have already completed your goal. It’s like playing an FPS game, with your objective being to get a hostage to safety, successfully completing that, then running back around to kill the remaining bad guys you didn’t encounter. Like I said, nothing major, but still a pointless task that needs to be completed.

As you advance through the levels, they do get tougher with new elements being added in. Moving blades that will end your game with a touch, or bouncing blocks creating new obstacles and give the player new things to think about before removing a block. When these extras are thrown into the mix, the game definitely gets harder, especially the blades. Not quite hard enough to have you pondering about the level for any more than 10 minutes however.

The look of the game is very simple. Gray blocks that you need to move and the black and red block that you need to save. The white background being ever present to just screams simplicity. All for good reason. The game is very simple to play. A little bit of thought before some carefully stroked stylus strikes and that’s all this requires. The sound is that of a secret level of a sonic game. A techno sound endlessly looped. It can get annoying after a while, but it’s not even close to the worst in game music.

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Over the game’s 30 levels, there is no way of competing against others with high scores, or fastest completion times. A complete lack of any kind of leaderboard. This small addition would have added replayability and give gamers a reason to replay some of the 30 levels that the game contains. Although leaderboard systems are lacking, there is a slight rewarding feeling when you complete some of the tougher levels, or correctly negotiate your way past some particularly tricky blades. The developer has mentioned free levels via DLC in the future, hopefully this will come soon and add to the longevity of this solid 1st effort by RCMADIAX.

Blok drop U is a unique puzzle game that gives you the amount of gameplay that you’d expect for the price. Simple to play and easy to look at. Hopefully some DLC will add more level in the future and maybe an update for leaderboard support will be in the planning too. Overall, a solid effort that may suffer slightly from a distinct lack of replayability.

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