Cosmophony Review

Cosmophony Review

The variety of games on Nintendo Wii U’s Eshop is growing; Cosmophony is a prime example of this. However before now, I never thought I would be reviewing a rhythm action shooting game with music samples from the like of ‘There’s No Limit’ the early nineties dance song!

I laugh at myself writing this but yet, yes, it is true, man, this game is as much a Drum and Base game as you’d want a game to be, bringing me back to my PlayStation One days, I can’t say it’s a rip off of the Wipeout Soundtrack, it’s just the same genre! While I have never been a fan of this music, I have always been more of a seventies’ rock and roll guy, even at seventeen I felt this music was not for me and still think the same now. I may sound like a boring old fart, but at the same time I do know many people who would love it too, so my personal taste doesn’t stand up here really, if you like Electronica, Drum and Base, this is a game for you, maybe it’s not for those who don’t, but it is not essential to be a fan, the music fits in well really.

Cosmophony Review

I started with music for the review for a reason; it’s the biggest concept in this game. It is a rhythm action game, like Parappa The Rapper or Donkey Konga Beat or the Bit.Trip games. The music is integral to success within the game, you move and shoot your little space ship heart thing to the beat or music change. You view things from behind flying up a tunnel avoiding blocks or shooting smaller blocks. Think the bonus round from Sonic The Hedgehog 2. It all sound quite obscure but there is a story tagged on at the start. You are flying a Goddess’s heart to restart the universe; it’s all very existential but fine, still not much clearer to me though!

The gameplay itself is okay, very hard after a short while, especially if you aren’t used to a fast pace of gaming. One mistake puts you back to the start of things, very unforgiving in my opinion. However that isn’t necessarily a bad thing to some, the challenge is where this game is at, at least I think so.  There are five levels in total and the difficulty jump between them is large.  I think apart from the difficulty and music there isn’t much there to offer overall. The graphics are fine but basic, quite styled towards what the game wants to create a futuristic universe, but there isn’t much variety through the game, the same can be said for the gameplay, just add difficulty spikes for each progression.

Cosmophony Review

This is a Marmite game, some people will like the style, the music, the difficult challenge this game has to offer, on the other hand others will keep dying on the first level and wonder why the paid for the game in the first place, hating the music and bland graphics. I sort of find myself in the middle of these two stances, the game is quite fun and challenging, but there just isn’t much there beyond what you first play apart from different rave music and harder challenges.

The price point itself is fair, £3.59 is decent for the game and yes, the game is decent compared to other Eshop game offerings that could be had. I ended up not minding the music and having the lack of true content beyond the difficulty more annoying, however if you do like a hard-core challenge as a gamer this is where it is at, harder games are rare on the Eshop!

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