Proun+ Review


Mix up Marble Madness, a roller coaster, Super Monkey Ball, Uniracer (SNES fans remember this one?) and a modern art picture and you might end up with something like Proun+. It is a recent release on the 3DS Eshop from the makers of Sumico. (A game I raved about last week.) I couldn’t have thought of a more different game for them to make in all honesty, more to the point I enjoyed Sumico quite a bit, but do I like this release as much?

As mentioned before, they are totally different games, incomparable in form even. However I will say they are comparable in the way they are both engaging enjoyable outings in their own way. In the last game it was a thought provoking maths puzzle that works well, this game is a fast paced, abstract – themed reaction racing game that also works well.


Again the graphics and music are fine, nothing noteworthy but not bad either. I believe the graphical style to be taken from modern art itself, I can’t speak too much to the point not being an expert in that department, but the colourisation of obstacles, backgrounds do create nice pictures as you race round. Another point about the graphics of the game, this game runs fast and smooth, really nice really, no slow down unless you crash.(Yes, you will crash) I should also point out the 3D effects in this game are very good, up their with the best for sure too. The music sets the scene well, chilled out at menus, fast paced during gameplay helping you get pumped for the action.

Gameplay wise, the action is fast paced, it will get you pumped, and you will smile as you play this one. The speed is comparable to Mario Kart 8’s 200cc mode even, it is that fast. What I will say is that graphically, although it is cool and suits, Mario Kart 8 has details that can’t be matched by this, I will say that the graphics are good for this game and it’s style. It’s worth pointing out


In the game you control a ball pressing A to speed up and spinning round the line you are racing down. You spin to avoid objects, triangles, balls, squares, you get the idea, yes it is that abstract. You hit something and you slow down, the faster you go, the more you are likely to win, so use your reactions to get round the quickest. That is basically the aim of the game, you get eleven stages in all. While that is not a lot in the grand scheme of things, it is fine, especially if you are a gaming perfectionist, beating your own times, replaying courses at faster speeds are great challenges in themselves, while I am not that type of gamer myself, I do enjoy a spin around courses I have already done. The game and content it has is good for the price point overall, but I do think some gamers may well be left wanting.

If some one asked me if they should get this one, I would say yes, but don’t expect anything beyond what you play at first. Once you have played it through and unlocked all the courses all that is left to do is to beat your own times, if you are not a perfectionist and aren’t feeling the buzz I do when I play, then maybe think twice before you buy. However I think the good outweighs the bad with this one and you should put some serious thought into getting it, after all even at the price it is at it’s okay for a quick blast from time to time.

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