Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush Review

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Kirby isn’t Nintendo’s top icon but he is there or there about. I would still say he is an icon in gaming; he is instantly recognisable to gamers, no matter who they are. He is one of the cutest Nintendo creation and has had a long history in games staring in over twenty different games across all the Nintendo platforms also across genres, from his classic 2D platformers, to racing games, drawing games and even a pinball game, he even had his own anime and manga comic series! He was created in 1992 by Hal Laboratory and it’s legendary developers lead by Masahiro Sakurai of Super Smash Bros Fame.

Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush is the latest of the series and my latest father’s day present. While pleased with it I had not had much gaming time with our charming pink puff-ball hero, only as far as playing him in Smash and playing my friend’s versions of his games back in the day. Having said that, as a character I like him, so why not jump in fully with this title? It is like another 2D platformer, yet extremely different. You use the game pad to draw rainbows on the screen and then prod Kirby to move quicker along. Basically you need to get to the other end of the level collecting as much stars and things to get more points, defeating enemies on the way.

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I wasn’t too into the idea at first and it took a wee while to get into it. However after that, this cutesy puffball nonsense game was actually very engaging and very fun! The story itself is simple, Kirby is out playing with his friends, then a bad hand steals all the colour from the land. From there a magical paintbrush that brings Kirby and his friend back to life and then the adventure kicks off.

The gameplay is fun throughout with a chance to get repetitive, but it doesn’t the different levels and challenges keep things fresh quite well. The game mechanics are accurate and work very well for the game, even though you need to get used to them, once you are there you will be drawing and controlling Kirby like a pro!

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While the story is okay and the gameplay is solid, for me the graphics are the highlight. I haven’t mentioned it previously, but I would have guessed you have seen this, if not the whole world is made of clay, every character, back drop and enemy! On top of that it looks absolutely great in doing this, special effects, look just as good too! I have heard people compare it to the previous game like this, Kirby and the Canvas Curse on the Nintendo DS, but just look at the both of them, the latest version just looks amazing in comparison. The creativity and thought going into the graphics and animation of the whole game just makes it worth the admission alone! Pair that up with a cheerful sound track and we have one of the best presented games on the Wii U in my opinion!

With all that add multiplayer (using Waddle-Dees), challenging mini games, boss battles, trophies to collect, you get the scope of how much there is to do in this one too! Also if you have Kirby, Meta-Knight or Dedede Amiibo (I have all three of those!) you can use them to buff the Kirby you are controlling too! Overall Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush is great for me, I play it with my daughter and she loves to watch it going on! I have seen it around for about twenty to twenty-five pounds and to be honest; if you don’t see the value here then I don’t know what to say to you! Give this one a go if you like the idea of it even, you won’t regret it, I didn’t!!

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