Quiplash Review

Quiplash Review

I have reviewed previous games in the past which i described as ‘Party games’. But none fits the bill of that name quite like Quiplash from the team behind the hit party games YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, Fibbage, and Drawful. While my friends and I gathered round my television grabbing our phones (Which are used as the controller for this game) little did we know what we were getting ourselves into. This turned out to be, for us at least, the ultimate party game.

For those that don’t know Quiplash is a game for multiple players with a maximum of 8 in one lobby. The game then poses questions to the players to try and prompt a response. the players then answer on their phones and all answers are revealed at the same time. The players, and anyone watching (which can be upto 10’000 people), then pick which they believe to be the best/funniest response to the question and that person is awarded points. This process then starts again.

Quiplash Review

The game play as you can imagine with a party game played mostly on phones isn’t amazing. But it isn’t intended to be so after all this isn’t a game that has to completely immerse you in the story and really make you believe it. it is a simple party game which is applied so well that it can give enjoyment to many people at once. I do however think the use of smartphones is an incredibly smart move as the vast majority of people these days own some kind of technology that they can access this game on. This simply means that almost everyone in at a party can join in and that what really makes this game excellent.

It isn’t just about the people playing because despite them actually providing answers the game can be played by all in the room. With the questions being displayed to everyone on the television to see and discuss. We also did find this annoying at times however as sometimes people watching the game would give a ‘knee jerk’ reaction say something out loud and potentially ruin the round. however when this is my only complaint about a game it’s certainly something that is solvable.

The sounds aren’t spectacularly crisp and neither do they really aid game play but as said before that really isn’t what this game is about. the game makes lots of funny noises along with presenting the questions that can sometimes stir up a good debate. So while the sound isn’t really a massive amount of value added it does add to the game in a minor way and is in no way missed like it would be if it was the sound for a grand game play spectacular.

Quiplash Review

The graphics are a little strange with lots of splodges around the menu screens etc. However with the answers entered by contestants they are all presented very well with a clean-looking presentation which not only helps the users try to read the responses but also makes the game look good, clean and professional at the same time. This along with the other graphics which serve the game well such as the time are all clearly done professionally but also in a fun manner so as to not make the game look too serious. But overall really this aspect isn’t as important as this game is based almost entirely on what the user’s input into the system so it doesn’t need to graphically entertain.

Overall not only myself but everyone who played this game that i know thoroughly enjoyed it. It really is the perfect party game as not only something fun to do but even for new people to get to know each other. A game I would suggest any host take up and even any other gamer take up when they have their friends round.

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