Plague Inc: Evolved Review

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In the world of gaming, Simulation games are often hit or miss with how they perform and just overall fun level. Plague Inc. Evolved, is one of those games that hits the mark! We’ve all witnessed the panic of a new disease. People start getting sick, some people perish, and the world, for a few moments, loses it’s mind. But what would happen if one of these turned out to be much worse than once thought? Your goal is simple, create a plague dangerous enough to rid the planet of human life. The only catch is, no one can survive. Can you create the ultimate plague?

The game starts off simple, you start with a basic plague in which you choose if it’s bacteria, virus, fungi, etc based. Each type has their own specific ways of evolving and how they’re spread. Your job is to continuously evolve your plague to a minor threat to an end of the world disaster. As patient zero goes about and begins the infection, you can control how your “Doomsday Product,” can be spread, what its immune to, and just what damages it causes to the human body. There are certain times where your plague will evolve on its own which will increase the severity. As your plague makes it’s way around the world, you must slow down the fight for the cure, you do this by evolving the immunity and by popping the cure bubbles as they show up over the world map. To make sure this makes it around the world, you have to carefully plan out your attack and make sure there’s nothing that can stop it.

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The game also plays it smart as to where, you must make sure your plague is immune to both the cold and the heat if its going to survive in the hotter and colder climates. There are also scenarios that play out that also cause chaos over the world. Countries will nuke each other to try and stop the spreading, cities turn into anarchy, governments shut down, you are causing the end of the world.

While the game is fun, and going through different scenarios can change of the gameplay, there are some minor drawbacks to what Plague Inc: Evolved holds. For instance, even with a fast forward button to speed up time, while you’re waiting for more DNA points and for more countries to become infected, you’re at times, just staring at a world map watching boats and planes, and red dots to overcome an entire country. I feel there should have been a way where we, the players, could have controlled certain actions to happen in major cities, and other events. This is only one of the few negative things I have about this entire game.

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Plague Inc: Evolved is a surprisingly fun game to play. While I don’t see players pumping a ton of hours into this title all at once, I can see this being a game you’d turn to If you were looking to kill and hour or so without starting up a major game. The fact that you must unlock other types of plagues and mutations by beating through the game will bring players back to widen their amount of gameplay. In a world where the fascination of a zombie outbreak is now currently huge do to mainstream media, Plague Inc: Evolved is the game for you if you want to simulate your own outbreak.

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