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Electronic Super Joy has been out for a while now on the Wii U and I’ve finally managed to get my hands on an Xbox One code. Electronic Super Joy is a colourful and challenging platformer.

The game starts with some narrative: He lost an arm in the Disco Wars of 1515. The War of Rock ‘n Roll claimed his eye. Defeating DJ Deadly Skillz cost him both legs. Eviscerated and at wits’ end, our hero is now without a butt, thanks to the villainous Groove Wizard. You then begin your adventure in this intense world. First off the game is past paced, unique and full of character. The game uses an awesome blend of interesting visuals, humour and has a brilliant soundtrack.

The gameplay in Electronic Super Joy is addictive and fun. Its straight forward platforming, that feels great to play. You have the ability to run, jump and smash down on enemies. What makes the environments interesting is the way in which they change as you move through them. Also the silhouetted style of the game helps creates an interesting way to explore the game. It is your job to make your way through each vibrant stage to make it to a final boss at the end of each zone. The levels are pretty short but it works well as they feel compact and fun to play. The gameplay is all about timing your movement and jumps to overcome obstacles in your way. The gameplay starts off simply enough, but the difficulty quickly ramps up and sees you facing some tricky challenges. The game introduces new mechanics, that feel easy to get a grip of. You also progress and pick up new abilities during the game that help you through parts of certain levels. Like games such as Super Meat Boy, you will die a lot. That’s ok though, as it’s all about trial and error to become successful.

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The game perfectly manages to use very traditional platformer style gaming, as well as introducing an interesting new style and flair to the genre. The stages use checkpoints, that are much-needed. The game is full of funny sounds and humour. As you reach checkpoints there are unusual sounds of sexual grunts and groaning, which made me laugh every time. The characetrs in the game are funny and they add another layer of depth to the experience. The controls are very responsive and it feels great to play. It’s important to have good control of your character in platforming games and this does it very well. I especially enjoyed crashing down on enemies to kill them. Some abilities only last for a short time, meaning you have to rush, much like some moments in Mario games.

There’s a lot to do in super Electronic Super Joy. There are 3 different gameplay modes. There’s the main campaign, the Micro-Hell campaign, and an endless Love Mode. The campaign has four different worlds, that have over 50 levels. If you enjoy collectables in games, there’s stars and also a no checkpoint mode. Micro-Hell campaign only has 10 levels, but they are much harder. This mode really tests your platorming skills. Infinite Love Mode is an endless series of levels in which you try to beat your high score. It was really nice to have gameplay options that kept things fresh.

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My favourite part of the game though was the presentation. The game looks right, vibrant and interesting to look at. The environments are full of colour and the foreground and characters are silhouetted. This helps to create some interesting gameplay experiences. Environments adapt and change as you pass through, like trees and flowers growing. The sound design is also fantastic. It uses electronic music that suits the gameplay and design very well. The sound effects are very upbeat, quirky and very funny at times.

Overall, Electronic Super Joy is a fantastic game that not only looks great, but also has satisfying gameplay. Its got plenty to do and has some very challenging moments. It’s a game that’s certainly worth playing if you like platformers.

REVIEW CODE: A complimentary Microsoft Xbox One code was provided to Brash Games for this review. Please send all review code enquiries to editor@brashgames.co.uk.

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