Cubot The Complexity of Simplicity Review

Cubot The Complexity Of Simplicity Review Screenshot 1Cubot: The Complexity of Simplicity is a game like the name suggests both complex and simple. It’s very simple in the sense that this is a puzzle game that originated on mobile phone and was ported to Xbox One back in January of this year. Everything about it looks simple, the simple graphics, the simple cubes and simple colours, but only once you get stuck into the game do you start to see where the complexity comes into it.

The game is made up of 80 levels, all a different puzzle to solve. You work your way through them one by one, each getting gradually more difficult as you go. You’re presented with a grid made up of squares, with some coloured cubes that you need to move to their rightful end points. You start off with only blue blocks that move one space in the direction that you press. As the levels progress more coloured blocks get added, each with their own pattern of behavior. For instance, the red cubes always move two spaces in the direction you press, and green cubes move one space but in the opposite direction. More cubes are added as you go on, all having their own unique properties and all aiming to make the game tougher and tougher to meet the goal.

Cubot The Complexity Of Simplicity Review Screenshot 2The more colours you have one your grid at any one time, the more difficult it becomes and it starts to take some serious brain power to work out the correct order of directions to press in order to get your cubes where they need to be. It’s never too difficult though, and normally with a bit of trial and error you will always get to a solution before too long. Once or twice I did have to walk away from a particular level when I’d tried and failed a few times, but always on going back I managed to solve it without any problem and without any major ragequitting! It’s quite a calming game actually, if action-packed adventure is more your thing then you’ll probably not find much here to enjoy, but personally I really enjoyed the change of pace and it’s a nice game to stick on just to relax a bit after a hard day at work!

The main draw point to this game for a lot of people will be its ridiculously low price. At only £1.59 (or $1.99 in the American region) it is a total bargain. There’s 80 levels, so that’s two pence (or just under three cents) for each level if you want to look at it that way, and where else can you get such good value for a game?

Cubot The Complexity Of Simplicity Review Screenshot 3Depending on how good you are at puzzle solving, you might manage to complete all 80 levels in as little as two or three hours but even still for the cheap price, that’s a great amount of value for your play time. Once you’ve finished the game, I would imagine that for some people there may not be much reason to go back but its the sort of relaxing enjoyable game that I can imagine I will want to play again from the beginning when I feel like an easy-going puzzle game that doesn’t require me to get too invested. Sometimes I think its nice just to have something simple to put on when you don’t have the time to get involved in a massive RPG or epic game.

It’s hard to find fault with Cubot: The Simplicity of Complexity for such a cheap price. It does little wrong so there’s little to complain about. Some people may not like the simplicity and if you’re not a fan of logic puzzles and brain teasers then you may want to avoid it but I would argue that even if it’s not your usual cup of tea its worth risking £1.59 on. A great game at a bargain price.

Rating 8

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