Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition Review

Blasting agent ultimate edition is indie game available for PS4, Vita, PC, 3DS and the Wii U. It has graphics that make it look like a retro Atari game. The game’s story has similar elements to that of old Nintendo games like Contra. The main story of the game is you play an agent sent to Antarctica to stop terrorists from taking over the world with their bio soldiers and monster they engineered.

Blasting Agents is a 2d side scrolling shooter. The game isn’t too long but its a simple jump in and play game. The levels are filled with a number of different enemies from basic soldiers to flamethrower users, assassins and more . The levels are broken up into small sections with doors at the end of each section, which are used as checkpoints at the start of each new section. So if you end up dying further on you will start again at the last door you went through for that level and you will have to go back through and collect any gold or power ups you had collected in that section as you won’t have them again after dying. Its a good thing the game uses checkpoints system that it has otherwise it would be a struggle to play the game for very long.

It also uses a classic 2d shooter upgrade system, of collecting one of three upgrades that change the fire pattern and distance of the shots. Allowing you take out more enemies in the area or at a further distance putting you in a more tactical and less dangerous position. The game does take some time getting used to the pace and difficulty of the enemies. Taking on two or more of enemies at the start can be overpowering but it you do get used to the pressure and difficulty after some time.

It has some good elements to it but unfortunately the game suffers from just the simple fact. Its annoying to play most of the time. The enemies take a while to kill. You can stand there continuously shooting them but even the starting enemies takes some time to kill with you having to stand there jumping to avoid their shots continuously which kills you reasonably easily, you can do the classic jumping on enemies to kill them as well but the same as shooting them it will take same amount of time but means its less likely for you to get hit my their attacks. If you misjudge the landing by a small amount you will land and be hit by the enemy and sometimes resulting in game over.

The bosses can take a while to defeat as well and be overpowering straight from the start. Like the level 2 boss was tiring and slow which didn’t make it a fun experience to play but more of a hassle and had me putting game away to play something a little less irritating. The game does have some exploration to the levels with you exploring different path ways and collecting gold and destroying bricks to get to areas. This is one area where the power ups come in handy with you being able to destroy multiple bricks at the same time and clearing your way faster before any enemies get to you.

The game isn’t a complete waste, but it does take some patience at times to play through. If you can deal with the annoying enemies and some of the frustrating gameplay, then you can have quite the fun experience and get the same feeling of playing old school NES and Atari games.


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