4 fresh PS VR titles to check out in this week’s batch of new releases on PlayStation Store

PlayStation VR gets a wealth of new releases in this week’s PlayStation Store update. Put your PS VR headset on and journey into the haunting narrative-driven story of Manifest 99, dive into the bizarre world of Accounting+, shoot hordes of mutant fruit in Shooty Fruity VR and cook bonkers burgers in VR The Diner Duo.

1. Shooty Fruity VR

The time is ripe! Shoot and defend your store from an onslaught of mutant fruits all whilst maintaining your day job as a supermarket clerk. Shooty Fruity combines your VR shooting skills with an immersively weird job simulator. Scan! Shoot! Repeat!

2. Manifest 99 VR

Embark on a mysterious crow-filled train to the afterlife. Manifest 99 is an eerie, ominous and emotional story that unfolds around you as you watch. You don’t need a controller; move around by gazing into the eyes of crows to warp up to their perch. Investigate your fellow passengers to uncover the reason why they – and you – are on this train traveling into the great beyond.

3. Accounting+ VR

From one layer of virtual reality to the next – yes, just like in Inception – Accounting+ will immerse you in the crazy worlds and the twisted humour of Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty and William Pugh, the designer of The Stanley Parable. Actual accountancy skills may or may not be required.

  • Why you should play it: Be the first to make it to Accounting+’s three hidden secret levels.
  • Available: 19th December

4. VR The Diner Duo

Things will get hectic in the kitchen with VR The Diner Duo! As a chef, you’ll have to satisfy your customers’ cravings for increasingly elaborate burgers. Keep up the pace and master all the different recipes. Are you ready to serve?

  • Why you should play it: Play with a friend thanks to the asymmetrical multiplayer mode: one of you will play the chef and the other the waiter!
  • Available: 18th December

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