Retro-flavoured beat ’em up I Am The Hero dishes out justice on PS4 later this year

Because a Hero’s duty is never over, it is my absolute pleasure to share the awesome news with you that I Am The Hero is coming to dish out justice on the PlayStation 4.

I Am The Hero is a game developed by Crazyant Games, a Chinese indie studio. The game itself is a pixel art beat ’em up, you will play as a “Hero” with a glorious but mysterious past…

I am The Hero

More than that though, I Am The Hero has been developed with a single thought in mind: to be a love letter to retro gaming. Visually the game is ripped right out of the studio’s childhood gaming memories, a 2D pixel art look that’s combined with a robust, fun combat system (with a dollop of humour tossed into the mix as well).  If you consider yourself a lover of modern re-interpretations of gaming classics, then I Am The Hero is the game for you.

I am The Hero

The game can be played in co-op, but there’s also an online mode that lets you play with your friends in some specially designed challenges!

Like with the other games we have been involved in and had the privilege to release on PlayStation platforms over the last few years (One More Dungeon, Plantera, Squareboy vs Bullies, Twin Robots, Blasting Agent, etc) we know that I Am The Hero will be a game that our fans – and fans of side-scrolling beat ’em ups – will enjoy.

And we know some of our beloved fans will ask about the PS Vita and retail editions… Well, we’re investigating the possibility of a PS Vita version but we can’t share any news for you at the moment (but stay tuned to our social media channels!). It’s the same with possible retail editions: we’re speaking with some people about but nothing is yet confirmed.

We really hope you’ll check it out, as we’re really looking forward to hearing what you think of it. We feel it is a game that will appeal to not just our fans, but new fans as well.

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