Tokyo Xanadu Review

Tokyo Xanadu is a fun game for fans of the series and players of the persona series, as both games are similar in how they are played; such as the main character has varied friends and, as in most games, living alone in a town but has a close friend to look after them. There is also the quest aspect, where some of the quests may be time related and they will reward the player with items and money to spend on the stores that are allocated around the town in which the game is located. The prelude to the game is an earthquake that struck Tokyo 10 years before and Kou was also involved in the earthquake.

Tokyo Xanadu plays around chapters that will all have a character as the main focus of each chapter and also have a dungeon that the player will need to clear in order to continue the story. As the dungeon is cleared, the player will be given a rank on clearing the dungeon, as the best rank that a player can earn for completing the dungeon is “S” as this will factor in the damage that the player takes during their time in the dungeon and how fast they were to completing the dungeon. The dungeons have enemies that will try to stop the player from completing them. Each enemy has their own elements that will be weak to one of the characters that are in your party, such as your main character’s element is fire which is strong against wind but is weak against spirit element; so as player you must balance the party as best you can with the team that you have.

There is also a feature that uses the stats that the main character gains such as wisdom, courage and virtue and the way to increase the stats is different for each one. Wisdom is used to reward the player with gifts with each star the stat earns. The way that the players wisdom is increased, is by reading a book; which is understandable as this is how most would gain wisdom in real life. Courage is the second stat that is rewarded upon clearing a dungeon with a high rating that will level up to reward the player the same as wisdom does and virtue is given for completing quests that are given by each chapter.

The gameplay is different from similar games, such as persona. The battle system is different as most dungeon games have the battle turn-based but in Tokyo Xanadu the battle is an active system this will not allow the player to plan their next move, but this will allow the player to move around the map in any way that they want and with the dodge move, it feels more like a fast-paced fighter game than a plan a move then take your turn.

Tokyo Xanadu’s gameplay is based in Tokyo around a high school and a group of students. There are seven main characters that are in the game. The first two are Kou, a seventeen-year-old living in Tokyo alone and the second is Yu, who is seventeen. This is a mysterious character that Kou meets one night. There is a range of secondary characters that are in the game, some are people who Kou knows, others are classmates or people that Kou meets on his adventures. The characters are able to interact with each other after the day is out and the main character has free time. This will give the user the choice to spend some time with acquaintances that the character can also interact while in the school or by there mobile phones by collecting messages.

The way characters fight in Tokyo Xanadu is by using an item called a soul device, which is stored on their mobile phones. This is how each character summons their weapons that is used to fight the creatures, called greed, that are in the dungeon that the player explores as each character has a different soul-weapon that they use. The weapons range from swords, fists, mace and other weapons. Each of the characters has their own individual weapon, this along with the element, will be an improvement to the party and give the player more choice to complete the dungeon that they are in a simple way or try to fight with only the weaker element types.

Tokyo Xanadu is a game that is simple and fun to get into, even if a player has not played any of the games in the series as the game has a fun story to follow with characters to interact with and dungeons with bosses to fight your way through or do quests during the chapter. There is also time during the game to spend time with friends and strengthen bonds.

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