Square off against a British octopus, a magician and more in wacky PS VR boxing game Knockout League, out this week

We’re excited to announce that Knockout League will be hitting EU territories on 8th March! The response and feedback so far have been awesome for us and we’re happy to get the game in the hands of more people. We’ve been watching players punch, dodge, burn calories, and triumph in a bunch of ways and we love it.


One thing that people have been surprised by is how many different things we’ve included in this game, so I want to highlight some of the content and features that you’ll be experiencing.

  • 9 Opponents: Each with larger than life personalities and fighting styles.
  • Grudge Matches: Just when you think you’ve mastered your opponents, they come back meaner, faster and equipped with new moves to provide an increased challenge.

Train your mind and body to get into the flow of fighting and moving in the ring while competing to set high scores on the leaderboards in these modes:

  • Speed Bag: Get those arms moving and get that rhythm going. Feel what it’s like to work the speed bag.
  • Focus Mitts: This will test your power, accuracy, and reaction time as you punch through various difficulties and try to set high scores.
  • Reflex Alley: Our most intense training game where you apply everything you’ve learned. Punch the balloons, block the medicine balls, and dodge the weights. Seems simple, but get ready to work!

The best way to succeed in the Knockout League is to really put in effort during your fights! Here are some of the advanced tools that you can use to gain an advantage:

Guard breaking

Guard Breaking occurs when you mix up your punches to open up your opponent’s guard. Try punching where your opponent is not blocking! You’ll see much more consistency if you attack deliberately rather than flail randomly. Note: these hits don’t do as much damage as normal hits, but still count fully towards your score. Keep in mind though, some opponents in the later circuits have “perfect guards.”

Punch power

Punching with power also increases damage and enhances your ability to Guard Break. There is a different sound and hit effect compared to a weak punch once you’ve reached the threshold for a hard punch.

Punch variety, momentum, and golden gloves

If you punch with variety, you’ll gain Momentum quickly. When your gloves start to glow, that’s a visual representation that it’s building. Once you hit a certain amount, your Golden Gloves are fully unleashed. Golden Gloves increase your damage and your ability to Guard Break, as well as let you perform a Parry against your opponents.


A Parry occurs if you perform a well-timed Strong Block when you have Golden Gloves. Parries are special because you are given a longer opening to punch your opponent, so get in there and rack up that damage.


Interrupts provide similar damage potential as Parrying, but you don’t need Golden Gloves to perform this risky move. To get an Interrupt, simply hit your opponent in the white circular indicator during specific attacks. Make sure to get the timing right though, otherwise you’ll end up getting a fist to the face!


There are many ways to optimize for a high score in Knockout League. Every punch you land during a fight gives you points, and hard hits give you more. This point total is the number you see in the score screen that then gets multiplied by your bonus multipliers, such as your Momentum Multiplier. The higher your Momentum during a fight, the more quickly your Momentum Multiplier increases. Also, since Guard Breaking grants full punch score but does not deal full damage, it’s a great tool for boosting the amount of base points you can get on the opponent from landing hits.

If there’s anything else you guys would like to know or learn, let us know! Once again, we’re excited to get the game in even more players’ hands. For those of you who already have purchased, we hope you’re having fun!

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