Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms Review

In Hakuoki Edo Blossoms you play as Chizuru Yukimura who has been looking for her father with a group called the shinigami who are a highly secretive group of individuals that fight to protect the greater good of Tokyo until they are made to flee from their home and towards edo where the next part of the story begins.

There are a range of characters in Hakuoki edo blossoms to meet some are ally’s and there are also those who are looking to do the main heroine harm the people that you meet all depend on the players choices and their actions throughout the game as this is a visual novel game that lets the play choice there answer with set choice answers this will send the characters down a different story each time, there is also the choice of having a male hero in the game that you choice there is 13 members in total that you can choose from and play the game with them as the main hero with the other 12 being back-up characters or people that the players can interact with at certain points in the story, each of these heroes has a secondary outfit that they can equip in a later part of the game as the story depends.

Hakuoki Edo Blossoms features a range of different cut scene that will be displayed to the player as the player continues through their story some will be with their chose hero character at the beginning of the game other times will be featuring multiple people from the support cast to the remaining 12 heroes or a multiple of side characters that will interact with the players main character throughout the story and will interact in different ways depending on what the player chooses throughout the story.

Hakuoki edo blossoms is set in a historic time in Tokyo and edo when the warring state was coming to an end this will allow the player to learn more about the era as they play through the game there will be prompts in the story to show you a bit of history about the story around the era or the in game lore this will help any newcomers or refresh the minds of a player that has played the game before as this is the second part of the series the first in the series is called Hakuoki Kyoto wind this is the game that will be the prequel to this game as if a player starts this game where the first game ends.

The story is a simple to follow love story that has your heroine follow the main hero in to many situations until there is an action that will cause their feelings to be shown such as a stranger attacking you or you cutting your hand this is all the making of an old time love story that will end in ether tragedy or with the pair surviving but this will depend on the choices that a player makes along the way, There is some romantic scenes in this game and as an option they can be turned off of tuned down so that a player will still enjoy the story while not having to watch two lovers at their secret rendezvous.

The Hakuoki Edo Blossoms has an entertaining story but takes too long to get too the next point in a scene as this is a bad way for a player if there in a rush or enjoy a fast paced game this game would be more suited to players who play RPG’s and are used to long dialogue boxes as well as their constant choices that appear on screen it was a good game but there are thirteen stories to play through and if you play through two times and notice similarity’s and start to get a little bit bored then you would dislike this game it is similar to any rpg once you completed it you will need to play it again to get the complete game effect, but the only backside to the game is that the game is split in too two parts this will cause a player to buy the first game before they can understand what happens in this part of the story.

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