MX vs ATV All Out Review

MX vs ATV All Out is the 7th game in the MX vs ATV series. When I was younger I remember playing earlier games in the franchise and I generally thought they were quite entertaining, however, Mx vs ATV All Out has disappointed me.

Upon starting the game, I was excited to see how Rainbow Games had improved the gameplay considering all the negative feedback from previous games in the franchise. However, it appears that the developers have taken away features rather than add them. At the beginning of the game we start off in a compound area where you are taught the basic controls of the game, it gives you a rundown of the different races and how to do different things.

As you make your way across the map, you start to realise just how poor the frame rates per second is. The screen is constantly jarring, causing you to lose focus on riding the bike. It is very distracting and quite disappointing considering even after a 12gb patch, there were no improvements. As well as this, there is a lot of pop up. While driving through the landscape, you realise trees begin popping up in the background, which along with the poor FPS is very frustrating. I then tried different game modes and attempted an open event race. In this race, I was up against 15 CPU players, and when I started racing I realised the FPS dropped even more, and as soon as any other players got near me, the frame rates dropped to about 10 per second. This was very disappointing and made me quit the race not long into is as I just couldn’t concentrate, and it was very difficult to control the bike. Considering that precision is very important in this game I thought the developers would have made more effort to focus on this. I found myself falling off my bike very often because I was unable to control it due to the awful frame rates. The game looks more like a poor Xbox 360 game rather than a £35 game released in 2018.

I then tried a supercross event with an ATV to see if it was any better, but unfortunately, it wasn’t. I realised that the developers really hadn’t paid that much attention to the graphics in the games, and things such as the water staying still when you ride through it just shows how little effort they put into it. There wasn’t any splashes or movement, the water was just there for scenery. The same goes for the barricades at the side of the tracks, if you rode into them they didn’t block you in, you could just ride right through them.

In terms of sound, it isn’t as bad as the graphics – the different vehicles sound fine. The soundtrack however, is a bit strange. There are a few old songs which don’t seem very fitting, I would’ve thought that the developers would have included some more up to date songs in the soundtrack.

I then tried the online feature. Once again, the graphics were poor, the frame rate was annoying and overall, the servers were pretty empty but I’m going to blame that on this being a new game. It took me a while to find a game, but I eventually began playing with 5 other players. It was strange, it felt like there should have been more players and I feel like the online mode won’t reach its full potential as long as the servers are empty. Another thing about the game is the wait and loading times – they are exceptionally long, definitely nothing of a PS4 game standard. I found myself getting so annoyed that I turned the game off a few times.

One of the only good things I have to say about this game is the customisation aspect. You can choose what gender you want to be, change the name of the rider and their number, you can change the skin tone, helmet, goggles, gear, gloves and the boots. However, when it comes to customising vehicles, there really isn’t much choice. There are only 11 vehicles to choose from which is highly disappointing considering this is a full release version of the game and not just a beta version.

Overall, this isn’t a fun game. Sometimes it is nearly unplayable, due to a mixture of bad graphics, bad FPS, and just all-around bad gameplay. It is probably one of the worst racing games I have ever played, and it isn’t worth the money – there just isn’t a lot to do, and it is really quite boring. I’m very disappointed with this game and considering I was looking so forward to playing it, I doubt I’ll be playing another MX vs ATV game in the future.

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