How Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Deluxier Edition adapts the tabletop RPG for PS4

I remember having so many long discussions with my friends about how we could deliver a fun RPG experience to our very selves and also to our friends who never ever touched a tabletop RPG book before. Talking about all the stories, jokes and tropes that we have lived in our gaming sessions was so nostalgic and good that we felt that it could be something to be shared. And that’s pretty much where the idea came out.

Knights of Pen and Paper

Knights of Pen & Paper is a lighthearted RPG that can be played by any gamer where you control a group of players playing their characters in a tabletop RPG experience. All with classic turn-based battles, lovely pixel-art and lots of adventures. Besides the players, you are also in control of the dungeon master to create quests and tailor the difficulty of your battles to customize your RPG experience even further.

When you start playing you will right away notice a difference from some other RPGs when creating your characters. Besides choosing the race, class and skills of your characters, you also choose that character’s role-player ranging from the grandma to the pizza delivery guy and in which chair they will seat at the gaming table. It was always great hearing players discuss some of their builds “The grandma is the best paladin!”.

Knights of Pen and Paper

As we wanted to mimic some of that tabletop experience, you also create the dungeon master, who will be narrating your story through the game. Controlling both the players and the dungeon master creates a different experience where you can dictate the pace and difficulty of your encounters.

You can create and customise the quests your characters will go through and also choose which and how many enemies will appear in the game’s turn based battles to change its difficulty on the fly with loot and rewards to match. You need to defeat 5 rats and a boss to advance the quest? You can battle each of them individually or as a group in any combination you like!

Knights of Pen and Paper

The adventure is dictated by the story the dungeon master is telling, the back and forth talk between your characters and by your own travels and discoveries through the game’s world map. All of this happens around the gaming table with the room changing to match the places and enemies the characters are imagining in their adventures. That level of meta-gaming goes even further when you can at the same time buy a health potion for your warrior and a bag of chips for the character who is playing that warrior.

A few years ago, after the game had launched in its first version, each one of us heard many different stories about people catching all the references and jokes because their own tabletop RPG groups were exactly like Knights of Pen & Paper described. It is always great to know that it encouraged people to start their own tabletop RPG groups too. Inspiring people is definitely one of the things Behold Studios aims with our games.

Knights of Pen and Paper

It has even spawned many DLC’s and sequels along its life, and allowed us to continue making the games that we love and made our small studio into what we are today. At that time we never thought we would see Knights of Pen & Paper on a PlayStation platform, and… hello hello, we are here to stay!

Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Deluxier Edition will release on PlayStation 4 on 29th May. It contains all of the ever released content in one single game! We can’t wait to share our game with you on a console for the first time. Thanks to all reading this and thanks to all of those who have played or will play our games!

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